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If you missed this year's Super Sale, don't worry. Become a member today and enjoy an incredible 25 to 50% discount on all our vitamins and supplements all year long!

In addition to the huge savings on all our products, you'll receive:

  • The 1,406-page reference book called Disease Prevention and Treatment. This hardcover fifth edition reveals what doctors are NOT doing to save the lives of their patients and contains novel approaches to prevent and treat 130 medical disorders. The cover price is $69.95, but is sent free to new Life Extension members.
  • Life Extension magazine…an over 100-page monthly publication filled with medical research findings, scientific reports, and practical guidance about using nutritional supplements and hormones to slow aging. Life Extension magazine provides a continuous stream of knowledge about the practical application of new discoveries that enables readers to protect their precious health.
  • Access to a toll-free phone line where members can speak with health advisors and medical doctors about their nutrition and health concerns. These advisors can also help members design a personalized health maintenance program that includes anti-aging supplements and hormones.
  • The Life Extension Product Directory…a comprehensive listing of the most important vitamins, anti-aging supplements, and hormones aging humans should take to maintain or regain their health.
  • All members receive additional exciting benefits and discounts on products and services, including discounts on prescription drugs, offered by select partner companies, such as Hertz and Royal Resorts. Members can earn additional benefits based on their product purchase history through the Life Extension Buyers Club.

Every time you purchase a product from Life Extension you support valuable research. Research supported by The Foundation has documented the value of various anti-aging supplements and hormones in preventing and reversing cell damage caused by oxidation. This type of research is leading to the ability to save the lives of millions of people who would otherwise die, and to improve the quality of life of all of us as we grow older.

When members buy products from the Life Extension Buyers Club, they have assurance that the quality of the product is backed by the organization's commitment to achieving an indefinitely extended life span. Members receive significant discounts that enable them to purchase top quality nutritional supplements at prices below those charged by most other companies.

The discounts available to Foundation members enable them to purchase high quality nutritional supplements at prices that are substantially lower than most other companies. In addition to the 25 percent membership discount on all retail prices, volume discounts are available for a large number of supplements, resulting in even greater savings. Members are also invited to take advantage of Life Extension's Weightloss Sale, and other special offers for unbeatable prices.

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