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by Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa M.D.

 You never thought it would happen to you. It began with a moment of confusion--as you failed to attach a name to a face long familiar to you. Once, your mind was your greatest asset. Today it is betraying you...

For millions of Americans, many in their forties and fifties, this frightening scenario is real. While researchers have long since been aware of the rising rate of brain-degenerative diseases, and while research into the cause of brain degeneration has never been more intense, little progress has been made against it.

Now in this breakthrough book, Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa demonstrates that the human brain-flesh and blood like the rest of the body-can be cared for, strengthened, and enhanced through an integrated program of diet, lifestyle changes, and medicine. BRAIN LONGEVITY shows us how we can work to improve memory and diminish the effects of age-associated memory loss, keeping our minds youthful, creative, and dynamic.

BRAIN LONGEVITY offers a four-step plan based on both Eastern and Western medical traditions, including the latest research on brain chemistry. It reveals how the right diet, exercise, meditations, and supplements can revitalize and regenerate your mind and memory. Most of all, it is the only program to use Dr. Khalsa's own findings on cortisol, and adrenal hormone produced both in reaction to stress and as part of the aging process, a substance proven to be toxic to human brain cells. In BRAIN LONGEVITY you'll learn how cortisol accelerates the aging of the mind-and how to reverse this condition.

Filled with treatments that have already achieved remarkable results with Dr. Khalsa's patients, BRAIN LONGEVITY is certain to be one of the most talker-about books in the coming century. Here are the keys to a healthier, happier, and more productive life-to think better, remember better, and live better today and in the coming years.