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T-Lymphocyte Helper/Suppressor Profile

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T-Lymphocyte Helper/Suppressor Profile

Item Catalog Number: LC096925

This test evaluates and compares two important parts of the immune response. T- lymphocyte helper cells (such as CD4 cells) play a critical role in orchestrating the response to infections. Without T-helper cells, many of the other immune cells are not able to activate and fight infection. Proper activation of these immune cells is necessary for a strong immune response. This test measures the number of T-helper cells.

After activation of the immune response, T-lymphocyte suppressor cells (such as CD8) deactivate the immune cells fighting the infection. It is important to control and manage the immune response. An over-active immune system can lead to tissue damage and auto-immune disorders. This test measures the number of T-suppressor cells.

Additionally, the test measures the relationship between T-helper cells and T-suppressor cells. The relationship is measured as a ratio between immune system activation and deactivation.

Test Includes: Absolute CD4 helper/inducer T cells (CD3+CD4+); absolute CD8 suppressor/cytotoxic T cells (CD3+CD8+); absolute lymphocyte count; absolute T cells (CD3); CD4:CD8 ratio; CBC with differential and platelet count.

This test does not require fasting. Take all prescription medications as prescribed. Do not take your supplements the morning of the test.