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Heavy Metals Panel (Mercury, Arsenic, Aluminum)

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Heavy Metals Panel (Mercury, Arsenic, Aluminum)

Item Catalog Number: LC100003

Concerned about environmental exposure to mercury, arsenic, or aluminum? Consider taking our Heavy Metals Panel. Here’s why:

  • Atmospheric mercury is in the rain as well as the fish you find in lakes. It generally enters the body through inhalation and targets the brain and kidneys.
  • Arsenic from water supplies around the world leaches into shellfish and other fish. When ingested, arsenic affects the blood, central nervous system, digestive system … and can be harmful to the skin and kidneys.
  • Aluminum is a neurotoxin that alters the blood-brain barrier. And we’re commonly exposed to it in antiperspirants, cooking utensils, tin foil, even the water we drink.

Even moderate exposure over time to heavy metals like these can cause damage. It can also be life-threatening. The body is able to rid itself of small amounts of heavy metals … but moderate to large quantities accumulate in the kidneys, liver, bones and brain. There is real cause for concern.

Fasting is not required. Take all medications as prescribed. Avoid seafood 72 hours prior to collection.