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Troponin I

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Troponin 1

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Troponin tests are primarily ordered for people who have chest pain to determine if they have suffered a heart attack or some other form of heart damage. While troponin is sometimes ordered along with other cardiac biomarkers, it is the preferred test for a suspected heart attack because it is more specific for heart injury than any other test.

The troponin test is used to help diagnose a heart attack, to detect and evaluate mild to severe heart injury, and to distinguish chest pain that may be due to other causes. In patients who experience heart-related chest pain, discomfort, or other symptoms and do not seek medical attention for a day or more, the troponin test will still be positive if the symptoms are due to heart damage.

Fasting is not required. Take all medications as prescribed. Do not take supplements the day of the test. This test is not included in any other Life Extension® panel.