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PLAC® Test (Lp-PLA2)

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PLAC® Test (Lp-PLA2)

Item Catalog Number: LC123240

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The PLAC® test predicts risk for coronary heart disease and ischemic stroke associated with arterial plaques (atherosclerosis). This test measures Lp-PLA2, an enzyme that promotes inflammation inside the arteries, leading to the formation of unstable, rupture-prone plaques.

The PLAC® test is different from standard cholesterol tests and blood tests for inflammation because Lp-PLA2 is a specific cardiovascular risk factor that provides unique information about the stability of arterial plaques. Unstable arterial plaques can rupture, leading to an acute heart attack or stroke.

An elevated blood level of Lp-PLA2 increases your risk for coronary heart disease and ischemic stroke. You can check your Lp-PLA2 blood level with or without fasting.

Take all medications as prescribed. Do not take your supplements the morning of the test.