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Estradiol, Sensitive

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Estradiol, Sensitive

Item Catalog Number: LC140244

This test is generally NOT suggested over the regular estradiol test (LC004515).

The only difference between this test and the regular estradiol test (offered in Life Extension panels) is better detection at the lower limits of the range. For example, the lower end of the range for estradiol is 7.6 pg/mL while the lower limit for the sensitive estradiol is 3 pg/mL. This test does not provide a more accurate result at normal ranges, it is only more accurate at very low levels of estradiol.

Since Life Extension advocates higher levels of hormones, it would be very rare to use this test for its greater sensitivity at the low end of the range. Remember that men also need a certain level of estrogen (estradiol) and that studies are showing that if the estradiol level for a man is below the 18-20 pg/mL range there is increased risk for osteoporosis.

If you are supplementing with estradiol, it is important to take it approximately 2 hours prior to having your blood drawn. Fasting is not required. Take all medications as prescribed.

Special Note

Oral contraceptives will invalidate hormone results.