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Cancer Antigen 27.29

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Cancer Antigen 27.29

Item Catalog Number: LC140293

Cancer antigen 27.29 is used to monitor metastatic carcinoma of the breast. It is a useful measurement when monitoring both the course of disease and response to therapy since there is a direct correlation between the changing levels of CA 27.29 and clinical status.

In a woman with known metastases, a reduction in levels of this marker indicates a good response to treatment while increasing levels indicate resistance to therapy and progressive disease. It has also recently been shown that an elevation of CA 27.29 levels above the upper limit of normal in a woman with no clinical evidence of disease is an early indicator of reoccurrence.

Elevated serum CA 27.29 levels found in woman in remission for breast cancer indicated a significant possibility for cancer reoccurrence. However, this test is not a diagnostic screening test.

This test can be checked with or without fasting. The CA 27.29 blood test is not included in any other Life Extension® blood test panels.