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Circulating Tumor Cells, Breast

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Circulating Tumor Cells, Breast

Item Catalog Number: LC501507

This test is for metastatic breast cancer prognosis and monitoring.

The Circulating Tumor Cell assay provides a measurement of cancer cells that have separated from a solid tumor site and are circulating in the bloodstream. Detecting the presence of circulating tumor cells in the blood shows clinical usefulness in the assessment of disease status and prognosis in patients with metastatic breast cancer.

Patients on doxorubicin therapy should wait seven days following administration of the last dose before collection. Fasting is not required prior to the blood draw.

This blood test cannot be ordered as part of a blood draw kit. Blood draws must be performed at a LabCorp Patient Service Center (or at Life Extension’s blood lab for those residing near Fort Lauderdale, Florida) Monday through Thursday only.

Results for this test take 4-6 weeks.