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Maintain Optimal Blood Glucose Levels

CoffeeGenic® also addresses the link between healthy blood sugar and weight management.

Because of its support for healthy blood glucose already in normal range, you will also find CoffeeGenic® Green Coffee Extract (GCA) in several other Life Extension formulations … most specifically CoffeeGenic® Weight Management with Green Coffee Extract. That’s because CoffeeGenic ® has also been clinically shown to encourage healthy weight loss.39

In fact, in a placebo-controlled, human study, subjects who took 350 mg of green coffee extract three times daily before meals without changing their calorie intake or exercise level, lost 17.6 pounds on average — over 10% of body weight — after 12 weeks of green coffee extract supplementation! There was also an average 4.44% reduction in body fat percentage!39 The conclusion is that green coffee extract supports the ability to lose weight.39 The reason, once again, is the chlorogenic acid in the CoffeeGenic® Green Coffee Extract (GCA ) that was used in this successful weight loss study.

A bottle of 90 vegetarian capsules of CoffeeGenic® Weight Management retails for $48. If a member buys four bottles the price is reduced to $31.50. 

Other CoffeeGenic® products can be found in the Glucose Management and Weight Management sections of this Directory.

Healthier Approaches to Diet

In addition to exercising more, altering the diet can achieve remarkable control over glucose levels.

One option is a restricted-calorie diet, providing less than 1,400-1,800 calories daily. Most people do find it extremely difficult to adhere to the rigors of this kind of diet.40

Following the Mediterranean diet can promote a healthy glycemic response. This involves increasing consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, relying more on fish and beans as protein sources, and stressing omega-3 and monounsaturated fats (olive oil). The Mediterranean diet also requires avoiding saturated fats, refined carbohydrates, cholesterol-laden foods, excess omega-6 fats, and most animal products. An increasing percentage of health-conscious Americans are adopting this kind of diet.41-43

Also, it’s important to follow a low-glycemic index and low-glycemic load diet.44,45 Avoid sugary fruit juices (almost all fruit juices contain too many sugars) and beverages spiked with fructose,46-50 sucrose,23,51-55 or high-fructose corn syrup.56-60

Hormone Replacement

Normal aging is accompanied by a sharp decline in hormones involved in maintaining optimal glucose levels already in a healthy range. Restoring DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) levels to youthful ranges in men and women may help enhance glucose metabolism in the liver.26,61-64

Progressive doctors are realizing that a testosterone deficiency in men can induce a serious reduction of glucose management. Men who restore youthful levels of testosterone have been shown to have particularly beneficial glucose ranges.65 Optimal free testosterone blood levels in men are 20-25 pg/mL (picograms per milliliter).

Blood testing can assess your hormonal status.

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