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Despite constant media publicity aimed at consumers by government health agencies and private organizations, the majority of Americans still do not eat enough fruits and vegetables every day. Increasingly, scientists are telling Americans that they must consume these kinds of plants in order to avoid a host of age-related problems.

As part of a formulation that already provides the world’s broadest spectrum of botanical extracts, Life Extension Mix™ includes maqui berry and tart cherry for greater antioxidant support,8-16 C3G (Cyanidin-3-Glucoside) (a cutting-edge flavonoid compound fromblackcurrant17-21 extract) that helps to support night vision22-25 … and Indian gooseberry26-28 extract,as part of Crominex® 3+, an advanced chromium complex that helps support healthy glucose metabolism in those already within normal range.29

Along with over two dozen other fruit and vegetable extracts,30-32 Life Extension Mix™ provides high-potency vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that form the cornerstone of a comprehensive health maintenance program.

Standardized Pomegranate Extract

The pomegranate extract contained in Life Extension Mix™ is standardized to provide the biologically active punicalagins that are so unique to this fruit.

Pomegranate punicalagins are 100% water-soluble and have shown a remarkable 95% absorption rate.33 When tested against popular antioxidant food extracts, pomegranate demonstrated the most potent free radical-suppressing effects. This means that pomegranate punicalagins not only absorb much better than other natural antioxidants, but they also have a superior antioxidant capacity.

Peer-reviewed published human and animal studies show that pomegranate helps maintain healthy cardiovascular function.34-37 Pomegranate also has the unique property of helping to maintain healthy DNA structure in the prostate cells.38-42

The daily dose of Life Extension Mix™ provides the pomegranate extract which is standardized to provide the punicalagins and other polyphenols found in up to 2.6 ounces of pomegranate juice.

Standardized Blueberry Extract

Blueberry anthocyanins are potent antioxidants that have demonstrated properties that extend well beyond suppressing free radicals.

For instance, blueberries have been shown to not only improve memory, but to also help with some of the degenerative changes seen in aging neurons. 43,44 One study showed that the ability of blueberries to suppress free radicals and inflammation in the rat brain was analogous to long-term calorie restriction.44 These findings hint that blueberries might be able to reverse certain aspects of brain aging!

Blueberry’s other active constituent (pterostilbene) helps maintain already normal lipid and glucose levels.45 Even more exciting is that these blueberry constituents (pterostilbene and anthocyanins) may help maintain healthy DNA structure.46-50

Life Extension Mix™ contains standardized wild blueberry extract that provides the most active constituents found in this health-promoting fruit.

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