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Recommendation #1: Life Extension Mix™
Now with an even more effective form of Selenium!

For Members Who Want to Take Nutrients Separately

The most comprehensive multi-nutrient formula is Life Extension Mix™. Some Foundation members, however, prefer to take their nutrients separately and need only a complete multivitamin-mineral supplement to fill the missing gaps. For Mayer, these members had to rely on commercial “one-a-day” supplements that provide very low potencies.

In response to requests for a science-based multi-nutrient, the Two-Per-Day was formulated to provide the greatest potencies that can fit into two daily tablets or capsules. When compared to conventional “one-a-day”products, Life Extension Two-Per-Day contains up to 50 times more potency!

Multivitamin products are widely available. Regrettably, most people are unaware of the potencies of each nutrient needed to achieve optimal effects. Commercial companies take advantage of consumer ignorance by putting in such low potencies of certain nutrients that the user derives little or no benefit.

The Sample Ingredients Comparison Table reveals how much more potent a daily dose of the Two-Per-Day formula is compared to the leading commercial multivitamin. Few consumers realize that commercial supplements often contain the cheapest form of nutrients that don’t provide optimal benefits. For example, the 50 IU of synthetic vitamin E contained in Centrum® Silver® Adults 50+ may provide relatively little vitamin E to the bloodstream. Studies show that synthetic vitamin E is distributed throughout the body only about half as much as natural vitamin E.151-154

The daily dose of Two-Per-Day formula was designed to remedy the widespread deficit of basic nutrients that exists even among multivitamin users. For example, Centrum® Silver® Adults 50+ users get only 500 IU of vitamin D daily as compared to 2,000 IU in Two-Per-Day (four times the amount found in Centrum® Silver® Adults 50+). At the suggested dose of one tablet or capsule two times a day, health-conscious people are ensured they are obtaining potencies of nutrients that have demonstrated positive effects in published scientific studies for most of the nutrients. In addition, Two-Per-Day users also benefit from alpha-lipoic acid, the universal antioxidant that also helps boost glutathione levels as well as Crominex® 3+, a stable and biologically active form of chromium blended with Capros® Amla and PrimaVie® Shilajit.29 When used as part of a healthy diet, chromium plays a vital role in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels in those already within normal range.

Since most vitamins are water-soluble, which means they don’t last long in the body, it is best to consume these nutrients at least two times a day, ergo the Two-Per-Day formula’s design.

Each Life Extension Two-Per-Day Tablet or Capsule is moderate-sized for ease of swallowing. To give you an idea of how potent this multi-nutrient supplement is, we compared Two-Per-Day to today’s best selling multivitamin (Centrum® Silver® Adults 50+) in the chart above.

A bottle of 120 Life Extension Two-Per-Day Tablets retails for $20.00. This represents a two-month supply at the suggested daily dose. If you are a member of the Life Extension Foundation, you can reduce your monthly cost of the Two-Per-Day Tablets to only $6.75 when four bottles are purchased at the same time. Two-Per-Day is also available in capsule form, retailing for $22.00 for a 120-capsule bottle. A member buying four bottles of Two-Per-Day Capsules would reduce their monthly cost to only $7.50. When looking at the price of many commercial brands that only provide a fraction of the nutrients contained in the Two-Per-Day formula, you can quickly see how affordable it is to obtain the potencies of the most important basic nutrients.

Many members rely on Life Extension Mix with its broad-spectrum fruit and vegetable extracts, minerals, amino acids and vitamins. Those who consume these nutrients in other supplements can use Two-Per-Day Tablets to ensure they are not deficient in nutrients that were long ago established to be essential.

Crominex® 3+, Capros® and PrimaVie® are registered trademarks of Natreon, Inc

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