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  • Homocysteine
  • Item Catalog Number: LC706994

Homocysteine is an independent risk factor for coronary heart disease. It is theorized that high blood levels of homocysteine may directly damage the delicate endothelial cells that line the inside of arteries and result in vascular inflammation, blood clot formation, and arterial plaque rupture.

This test is intended for use in screening individuals who may be at risk for heart disease and stroke. Studies have shown that even moderate levels of homocysteine pose an increased risk for arterial plaque formation when compared with the lowest 20th percentile (<7.2 mcmol/L) of population controls.

Fasting for 8 to 12 hours is required for this blood test. Do not eat any food or drink liquids other than water. Take your medications as prescribed. Do not take your supplements the morning of the test.

The homocysteine blood test is included in the following panels:

  • Life Extension® Male & Female Panels
  • Male Hormone Modulating Profile

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