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Nutrition Center Events

Health And Wellness Events In Our South Florida Nutrition Center


Stay up to date on events offered periodically at the Life Extension Nutrition Center on such subjects as vitamins, nutrition, supplements and anti‑aging.

Life Extension Nutrition Center

  • Discover more than 350 premium-quality, science-based Life Extension® supplements … plus 2,000 other trusted brand products that will help you live healthier longer.
  • Get expert guidance and information, including FREE consultations with Life Extension Health Advisors (by appointment).
  • Attend FREE health lectures & book signings.

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Nutrition Center  
Life Extension Pharmacy®
  • Save on brand name and generic prescription drugs, as well as custom compounding (including bioidentical hormones).
  • FREE home delivery within the designated area or FREE standard UPS delivery outside it.
  • Free Medication Therapy Management Consultation with Licensed Pharmacists.

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Life Extension Blood Lab
  • Save a bundle on diagnostic blood tests and complete blood panels.
  • Determine where your health risks lie and head off problems.
  • Get the results sent directly to you and review them free of charge with a knowledgeable Life Extension Health Advisor.

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Life Extension Clinical Research
  • Participate in health research that's ahead of its time and reap the benefits now.
  • You may receive nutritional supplements and blood tests at no cost to you.

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