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Obama White House Can Save $3.7 Trillion and Extend Lifespan 29+ Years, Predicts Revolutionary A4M Healthcare Plan

The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M), the world's largest professional organization dedicated to advancing research and clinical pursuits that enhance the quality, and extend the quantity, of the human lifespan. unveils an innovative, technology-based fix to healthcare with the potential to:

  • Increase the lifespan, or improve the healthspan, of all Americans by 29+ years;
  • Slash healthcare costs, saving $3.7 Trillion; and
  • Replace the disease-based approach to medicine with a wellness-oriented model

A comprehensive program to reform and advance healthcare in the United States, The A4M Twelve-Point Actionable Healthcare Plan: A Blueprint for A Low Cost, High Yield Wellness Model of Healthcare by 2012 has garnered support from 35 professional medical organizations and educational institutions and was developed with invaluable input from the 24,000 physician, health practitioner, and scientist members of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) who represent 110 nations worldwide.

When legislators on Capitol Hill return for the Fall Congress Session, they will continue to debate a $1.65 trillion, 10-year plan to overhaul the nation’s failing healthcare system. The majority of the plan focuses on how to pay for health insurance, rather than formulating a comprehensive plan of action of reform itself. The Twelve-Point Plan submits that the underlying philosophy of healthcare in this nation must be reformed in revolutionary new ways. As reported by the Congressional Budget Office, up to one-third of this nation’s healthcare spending -- more than $700 billion -- does not improve Americans' health outcomes.

Anti-aging medicine is biotechnology joined with advanced clinical preventive medicine. Adoption of the anti-aging medical model delivers the best of advanced preventive medicine to all Americans, not just our older population. The Twelve-Point Plan offers new answers by urging the adoption of a technology-based, wellness-oriented healthcare model for America.

The A4M Twelve-Point Actionable Healthcare Plan provides practicable here and now solutions to reform and advance healthcare in the US, while addressing the challenges of global aging. Indeed, the implementation of The A4M Twelve-Point Actionable Healthcare Plan: A Blueprint for A Low Cost, High Yield Wellness Model of Healthcare by 2012 may save our society a projected $3.64 Trillion in healthcare costs, and extend the healthy lifespan of each of our nation’s residents by up to 29 productive, vital years.

Complete references, supporting data, and projections may be viewed in the full version of The A4M Twelve-Point Actionable Healthcare Plan: A Blueprint for A Low Cost, High Yield Wellness Model of Healthcare by 2012.

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