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December Action Needed To Kill Health Care Reform - Senate To Vote By Christmas
October The Unscientific Bioidentical Hormone Debate
October Your Product Quality Assurance from Life Extension
September Why American Healthcare is Headed for Collapse
August American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine's Revolutionary Healthcare Plan
August The Generic Drug Rip Off
July Congressman Ron Paul Introduces Three Bills to Restore Constitutional Government
July FDA Seeks to Ban Pyridoxamine
May Redefining Healthcare: Towards a Shift in the Medical Paradigm
April Dietary Supplements Under Attack


December Response to SELECT Study Published December 9, 2008 in JAMA
September Would You Tolerate This Abuse?
July Flawed Study Seeks To Discredit Value Of Vitamin D In Preventing Prostate Cancer
June Latest Vitamin Studies: Rebuttal to Allegation That Certain Vitamins May Shorten Lifespan
May Petition to Make Prostate Cancer a National Priority
April Rebuttal to Attack Against Bioidentical Hormones
April Stop allowing the FDA to dictate what you can do to protect your own health!
March What You Can Do to Stop Needless Cancer Deaths


June Is There a Conspiracy to Destroy Vitamin Supplements?
April Major Expansion of FDA Powers will Target Dietary Supplements
April FDA Seeks to Regulate Your Pantry
March Another Flawed Attack against Antioxidants


September AER Dietary Supplement Legislation
April STOP CODEX: Sign This Petition
March Dietary Supplements Attacked by the Media


October Stop FDA Censorship
September Your freedom is at stake!
July Keep CODEX Guidelines Out of the United States
June What Do “Regulated” Supplements Cost?
June Two Important Legislative Actions You Must Take To Defend Your Access to Dietary Supplements!!
May U.S. Dietary Supplement Laws Threatened: What You Can Do To Defend Your Access To Vitamins!
April Dietary Supplements Under Stealth Global Attack - What You Must Do To Defend Your Access
April EU judge warns that Food Supplements Directive is “illegal”
February Emergency Update From The Health Freedom Front Lines


December Urgent Anti-Codex Health Freedom Alert
September Vote “Yes” To Fund Stem Cell Research In California
September Novel Fiber Limits Sugar Absorption
April The $50.00 Toll Bridge
March Death by Medicine
February Cardiologists Overlook Lifesaving Discovery
January What You Don't Know About Blood Sugar
January Europe Declares War Against Dietary Supplements
January Death by Medicine


October Startling New Findings About Homocysteine
September Jerry Falwell Attacks Life Extension Foundation
September Biomarker Launches Series A Fundraising Efforts
September The White House Urges Greater Omega-3 Consumption
August The FDA's Lethal Impediment
July Life Extension Defeats The Behemoth: House Votes To Allow Importation of Lower Priced Prescription Drugs
July Your Action Needed: Fight High Drug Prices
June Urgent Health Freedom Alert! Access to dietary supplements threatened
June BioMarker Pharmaceuticals Develops Anti-Aging Therapy
June Inaugural Methuselah Mouse Prize Awarded to Further Anti-Aging
June Chilling SARS Update
June FDA Approval Sought For New Omega-3/Heart Disease Health Claim
June Make your cells young again to combat atherosclerosis, improve circulation, and even reverse aging
May Eating Food Cooked At High Temperature Accelerates Aging
April New York Times Attacks Dietary Supplements: Life Extension Foundation Responds
March Don't Let Congress Ban DHEA
February The Hidden Cancer Epidemic


October Stop High Drug Prices
July The lethal information gap
May Does vitamin E prevent breast cancer?
May Can the human lifespan be extended?
March Therapeutic Cloning Under Fire: Interview with Mike West, Ph.D.
March Don't Let The U.S. Government Ban Therapeutic Cloning
March Davis OKs stem cell research California is first state to encourage studies
March Dying from neglect


September The Multiple Benefits of Metformin
September Are offshore drugs dangerous?
May The "silent" stroke epidemic
January Inflammation and heart disease
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