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Life Extension Magazine

December 2000

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Life Extension December 2000

Vitamin B12: Surprising New Findings

B12 is in the news because it lowers homocysteine and protects against atherosclerosis. It has also been shown to protect against dementia and boost immunity, as well as offer other promising benefits.


The Diabetes Epidemic

The Diabetes Epidemic

Lately, scientists and clinicians have turned their attention to diabetes, a disease that is wreaking havoc on the US population. The statistics are alarming, and they point to an epidemic that has gone out of control.

Controlling Diabetes The Natural Way

Controlling Diabetes The Natural Way

Physicians and dieticians point to diet, exercise and weight control as lifestyle factors that may help treat diabetes. But current research shows that a nutritive approach to diabetes may yield favorable results.

An Interview With Ross Pelton

An Interview With Ross Pelton

Last year, Americans spent over 125 billion dollars on prescription drugs. The result? Side-effects from the nutritional deficiencies. Here, Dr. Ross Pelton shares his insight on the subject matter, which is the top of one of his most recent books.

Paradise Found

Paradise Found

A glimpse of Royal Resorts in Cancun, Mexico, and of its new relationship with Life Extension.


As We See It

As We See ItScience versus dogma.

In The News

In The NewsProstate cancer therapy; stem cells show promise.

Q & A

Q & ABlood tests are key, Growth Hormone and more.

Medical Updates

Medical UpdatesStudies from around the world to help you live longer.


ProfileA second youth—the results of good nutrition, supplementation and hard work.

Journal Abstracts 

Cancer Prevention, B12, CLA



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