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March 2000

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Life Extension March 2000

FDA Seeks to Destroy Alternative Health Websites

Preventing the demise of alternative health websites.


Antioxidant Power

Antioxidant Power

Blueberries and bilberries slow brain aging and protect vision.

Herbs Falling Into Favor Down Under

Herbs Falling Into Favor Down Under

Australia hosts the second international conference on herbal medicine.

Overlooked & Overworked

Overlooked & Overworked

Preventive maintenance for your stomach, liver and pancreas. A European soy derivative helps protect vital organs from the toxic effects of obesity, alcohol, aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs--& helps maintain a youthful cholesterol profile.

Book Review: The Anti-Aging Zone

Book Review: The Anti-Aging Zone

A review of The Anti-Aging Zone, by Barry Sears, Ph.D.



ProfileStruggle leads to health and growth.

In The News

In The NewsNatural therapies offer hope in treating Parkinson’s.

Q & A

Q & AVitamin K in Tea, I3C vs. Tamoxifen.

Medical Updates

Medical UpdatesStudies from around the world that can help you live longer.


ProductsA breath of fresh air.

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Liver Fibrosis, PPC, Flavonoids, Antioxidants



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