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July 2000

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Life Extension July 2000

Big Bucks

Special Report: A telling tale of three people that illustrates the irony of this country’s drug pricing policies.


A New Perspective on Arthritis

A New Perspective on Arthritis

A look at novel drug and nutrient therapies that alleviate a host of degenerative diseases, including arthritis.

Prostate Cancer and Cruciferous Vegetables

Prostate Cancer and Cruciferous Vegetables

A new study finds that cruciferous vegetables contain cancer-fighting substances that have been shown to reduce prostate cancer risk.

Drugs that Deplete, Nutrients that Heal

Drugs that Deplete, Nutrients that Heal

A review of Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletion Handbook, by R. Pelton, J. Lavelle, E. Hawkins and D. Krinsky.


As We See It

As We See ItNo consumer protection.

In The News

In The NewsTestosterone makes the cover of Time, inflammation and stroke, etc.

Q & A

Q & AChecking vitamin K levels, cluster headaches and more.

Medical Updates

Medical UpdatesStudies from around the world to help you live longer.


ProfileOne man’s “wake-up call.”


ProductsNew multi-mineral formula.


LettersTo The Editor.


HealthwatchMedical blood testing.

Journal Abstracts 

Dietary Fatty Acids, Therapies For Arthritis, Cardiology, Prostate Cancer



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