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Medical Updates review studies that are of importance to those seeking an extended life span. The complete scientific abstracts for these studies are available as a special service to Life Extension Foundation members. If you read here about new studies you want to learn more about or want to show to your doctor, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the Life Extension Foundation, P.O. Box 229120, Hollywood, Fla., 33022, USA. Please enclose a small donation (minimum $1, please) to cover the costs of copying and processing. Or access the complete Scientific Abstracts online.

December 2000
Table Of Contents
  1. Vitamin E succinate decreases human tumor cell division, but not in normal cells
  2. NAC delays age-associated memory impairment
  3. Low fat, soy protein diet with isoflavones decreases tumor growth
  4. Testosterone reduces neuronal secretion of Alzheimer's beta-amyloid peptides
  5. Tomato consumption protects DNA and immune system
  6. Anti-stress effects of DHEA
  7. Rye and soy vs. prostate cancer
  8. Selenium, lipid peroxidation and toxic metal levels
  9. Deprenyl inhibits tumor growth
  10. Curcumin prevents kidney disease
  11. Estrogen levels and Alzheimer's disease among postmenopausal women
  12. Sexual behavior and risks for prostate cancer
  13. Free vs. total PSA screening
  14. Fish oil vs. corn oil and the immune response

November 2000
Table Of Contents
  1. Dietary antioxidant intake and the risk of intestinal cancer
  2. Role of antioxidant enzymes in brain tumors
  3. Antioxidant-rich diets improve motor learning
  4. Alpha-lipoic acid and diabetic neuropathy
  5. Tomato juice, vitamin E and C and type 2 diabetes
  6. Green tea, grape juice, and colon cancer
  7. Supplements and exercise in the elderly
  8. Alpha-lipoic acid lowers blood pressure
  9. Ginkgo biloba protects and rescues brain cells
  10. Benefits of fruits and vegetables
  11. Deprenyl protects cultured nerve cells
  12. Genistein inhibits PSA expression in prostate cancer cells
  13. NAC modulates growth of human prostate cancer cells
  14. Vitamin E prevents brain cell death
  15. Olive oil, lipid peroxidation and glutathione
  16. Glutathione and longevity
  17. NAC, glutathione induction, and epilepsy
  18. Physical activity and oxidative stress during aging

October 2000
Table Of Contents
  1. Selenium modulates breast cell proliferation
  2. Cancer inhibition from tea extracts
  3. Ginkgo vs. skin inflammation and photo-aging
  4. Curcumin prevents kidney toxicity
  5. Control of blood pressure and risk of stroke
  6. Lycopene protects DNA from free radical damage
  7. Alpha-lipoic acid reverses age-related changes
  8. Antiobesity activity of banaba leaf extract
  9. Melatonin protects red blood cells
  10. Fish oil vs. corn oil in tumor proliferation
  11. Antioxidants prevent alcohol-induced liver DNA damage
  12. Glycine vs. acute ischaemic stroke
  13. GH and osteoporosis in elderly women
  14. Improved glucose sensor implant
  15. Vitamin E increases stability of refined olive oil
  16. Heart protection with red wine extract and resveratrol
  17. Benefits of HRT in menopausal women
  18. Aminoguanidine and diabetes mellitus
  19. The virus therapy of cancer
  20. Pyruvate improves heart performance
  21. Dietary enzymes protect against macular degeneration
  22. Diet and lung function in middle aged men
  23. Prozac increases bioavailability of oral melatonin
  24. Telemeres and the immune response
  25. Herpes virus selectively destroys liver cancer
  26. Vitamin D-3 increases effectiveness of immune system therapy
  27. PUFAs modulate mean life span
  28. Vitamin E suppresses free radicals in macrophages

September 2000
Table Of Contents
  1. Effects of SAMe on brain oxidative stress
  2. Effects of lowered melatonin secretion in middle age
  3. Citicoline, Alzheimer's disease, and cognitive performance
  4. Grape juice inhibits human platelet aggregation
  5. Free radical stress in rheumatoid arthritis
  6. Carotenoids and colon cancer
  7. Vitamin B status in those with chronic fatigue syndrome
  8. Antioxidative effects of curcumin in liver
  9. Risk of heart attack with tricyclic antidepressant medications
  10. Low blood antioxidant activity and neurological impairment in stroke
  11. Unfiltered coffee increases blood homocysteine
  12. Oxidative stress and Alzheimer disease
  13. Vitamin E and Alzheimer disease
  14. St John's wort for depression
  15. Fish oil protects cartilage from degradation
  16. Protective effects of L-arginine on heart injury
  17. Kava extract for anxiety
  18. Ginkgo reduces fluid and cell injury following heat stress
  19. Melatonin reduces quinolinic acid-induced lipid peroxidation in rat brain homogenate
  20. Ginkgo does not inhibit MAO A and B in living human brain
  21. Biological effects of resveratrol
  22. Growth inhibition of liver cancer by retinoic acid
  23. Physical activity and stroke mortality in women
  24. Use of complementary health practices with prostate cancer
  25. Radiotherapy vs. surgery in prostate cancer
  26. Caloric restriction reduces heat induced cellular damage
  27. Skin collagen glycation predict early death in mice
  28. Low cholesterol level and death due to cancer

August 2000
Table Of Contents
  1. IGF-1 is not a useful marker of prostate cancer
  2. NAC boosts glutathione level in immune system
  3. Beneficial effects of NAC in diabetes
  4. Effect of Ginkgo/drug combination on pancreatic cancer
  5. Melatonin and deprenyl protect against free radical induced brain damage
  6. The role of ultrasound in detection of stroke risk
  7. Neuroprotective effects of progesterone
  8. Protective effect of aminoguanidine on the liver

July 2000
Table Of Contents

  1. Selenium inhibits angiogenesis in breast cancer
  2. DHEA inhibits carcinogen-activating enzyme
  3. Ginkgo biloba extract and peripheral arterial occlusive disease
  4. Pattern of alcohol drinking and progression of atherosclerosis
  5. Curcumin inhibits colon cancer cell proliferation
  6. Health benefits of rice bran oil
  7. Vitamin E protects against liver damage
  8. DHEA treatment for those HIV+
  9. Green tea extract decreases iron-induced free radical damage
  10. Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) reduces breast cancer risk in animals
  11. Alcohol consumption and cancer mortality
  12. Chemoprevention of lung cancer by IP6 derivative
  13. IP6 inhibits breast cancer
  14. Prevention of colon cancer by components of dietary fiber
  15. Antiplatelet activity of inositol hexaphosphate (IP6)
  16. Inositol hexaphosphate (IP6) inhibits cancer and lowers lipids
  17. The cancer problem
  18. Selenium deficiency and viral virulence

June 2000
Table Of Contents

  1. Vitamin C and cataracts in the elderly
  2. Folic acid, vitamin B12, and atherosclerosis
  3. Niacin as a potential AIDS preventive factor
  4. Simple protection from 2nd heart attack
  5. Curcumin stimulates immune system activity
  6. Melatonin reduces lipid peroxidation and inflammation of the pancreas
  7. Prevention of type 2 diabetes
  8. CoQ10 vs. hypertension
  9. Development of chronic fatigue syndrome
  10. Estrogen and cardiovascular disease
  11. Value of exercise in Parkinson's disease
  12. Fish oil and sex hormones may help prevent Alzheimer's
  13. Aging and continuous vs. intermittent exercise

May 2000
Table Of Contents

  1. Vitamins decrease blood homocysteine levels
  2. BHA and BHT as antioxidant food additives
  3. Invasion of human coronary artery cells by oral bacteria
  4. Vitamin E treatment of CNS disorders in the aged
  5. Curcumin enhances wound healing
  6. Vitamin B-12 deficiency in the elderly
  7. Vitamin B-12 and folic acid deficiency in elderly
  8. Cryosurgery for prostate cancer
  9. Vitamin D: Non-skeletal actions and effects on growth
  10. Curcumin inhibits development of colon cancer
  11. Bacterial infections may cause atherosclerosis
  12. Exercise prevents premature death and CHD
  13. Arginine, taurine and homocysteine in CD
  14. Combination therapy for malignant melanoma
  15. Beta-carotene decreases risk of prostate cancer
  16. Interaction of St John's Wort with digoxin
  17. Curcumin inhibits genetic cause of cancer
  18. CoQ10 decreases DNA damage in human lymphocytes
  19. Melanoma vaccine
  20. Human longevity at the cost of reproductive success
  21. Antioxidant supplementation reverses age-related neuronal changes
  22. Safflower oil vs. perilla oil on lipid metabolism
  23. Osteoporosis in men - prevention and management
  24. GH deficiency: Signs, symptoms, and diagnosis
  25. Curcumin and cell membrane dynamics

April 2000
Table Of Contents

  1. Gamma-tocopherol vs. blood clotting
  2. Vitamin B-12 deficiency: A new risk factor for breast cancer?
  3. Tea flavonoids may protect against atherosclerosis
  4. Protective effect of N-acetylcysteine (NAC)
  5. Anti-platelet activity of soy sauce
  6. Oral vitamin c benefits arteries and platelets
  7. Risk factors and outlook for stroke
  8. Plant foods, antioxidants, and prostate cancer risk
  9. Longevity and decreased metabolic rate
  10. Inhibition of telomerase limits the growth of human cancer cells
  11. Long-term treatment prevents HIV expansion

March 2000
Table Of Contents

  1. Aspirin prevents colorectal cancer
  2. Blood homocysteine level and mortality in the middle-aged and elderly
  3. Health effects of legumes and soybeans
  4. Mortality in vegetarians vs. non-vegetarians
  5. Health-promoting properties of common herbs
  6. The Oxford Vegetarian Study
  7. Essential fatty acids in health and chronic disease
  8. Effects of Ginkgo and DHEA on Alzheimer's
  9. Effects of heavy-resistance training on hormonal responses
  10. Melatonin and the reductionor alleviation of stress
  11. Melatonin protects cells from free radical damage
  12. Aminoguanidine vs. E. Coli endotoxin
  13. Wine, beer, and mortality in middle-aged men
  14. Aerobic exercise can reverse age-relaxed circulatory changes
  15. Prospects for cancer prevention

February 2000
Table Of Contents
  1. Effect of dietary lycopene on abnormal growth in the colon
  2. Vitamin D-3 blood levels and Colorectal cancer
  3. Effects of Ginkgo biloba extract on memory
  4. Protective effects of Biostim, a bacterial immunomodulator
  5. Tocotrienol: A review of its therapeutic potential
  6. Effects of ginkgo biloba on depression
  7. DHEA dose and serum levels
  8. Zinc protects against ultraviolet-induced DNA damage
  9. Lifetime exercise activity and breast cancer risk
  10. The effects of Chlorella on natural killer cells

January 2000
Table Of Contents
  1. Human longevity at the cost of reproductive success
  2. Antioxidant supplementation reverses age-related neuronal changes
  3. IGF-1 blocks the aging-related loss of skeletal muscle function
  4. Safflower oil vs. perilla oil on lipid metabolism
  5. Estrogen therapy in preventing and slowing the progression of dementia
  6. Chronic pancreatitis and antioxidant therapy
  7. Osteoporosis in men-prevention and management
  8. GH deficiency: Signs, symptoms, and diagnosis
  9. Curcumin and cell membrane dynamics