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April 2001

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Life Extension For Your Pet

Life Extension For Your Pet

Many people consider their pets to be integral parts of the family. Yet their nutrition is not always properly addressed. Here, we highlight the essentials about how to keep your pet healthy.

Dietary Reference Intakes: Behind The Scare Stories

Dietary Reference Intakes: Behind The Scare Stories

Analyzing the unsubstantiated claims recently made about supplement intake.

Lactoferrin Update

Lactoferrin Update

A summary of previously published research on lactoferrin, and a rundown of the most recent studies.

Ancient Remedies in Use Today

Ancient Remedies in Use Today

Thousands of years ago, physicians employed surprisingly sophisticated healing techniques. Today, scientists from around the world are rediscovering many of those life-extending medical secrets.



BriefsThe latest on methylation.

In The News

In The NewsLovastatin’s potent anti-cancer effects, Soy and DHEA, plus…

Q & A

Q & ANatural adjuvant therapies, treating anxiety and more.

Medical Updates

Medical UpdatesStudies from around the world that can help you live longer, including numerous medical updates about prostate cancer.


ProfileIt’s all about being healthy.


In The NewsThe rationale for annual blood testing.

Journal Abstracts 

Pet Health, Lactoferrin, Mercury Toxicity, Methylation



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