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Life Extension Magazine

May 2001

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Life Extension Magazine May 2001

What's Wrong With The FDA

In its most recent legal defeat, the FDA suffers major downfall in “Pearson vs. Shalala II.”

Abuse, Neglect And Corruption

Abuse, Neglect And Corruption

The origin of FDA corruption, and proposals for the agency’s reform.


Mercury Amalgam Toxicity

Mercury Amalgam Toxicity

Your next visit to the dentist may not be as innocent as you think. An interview with Drs. Charles Williamson and Jordan Davis, co-directors of the Toxic Studies Institute.

Anti-Aging Clinic At Redwood - A Follow-Up

Anti-Aging Clinic At Redwood - A Follow-Up

Within the walls of the Longevity Institute of Australia at Redwood.


As We See It

As We See ItThe “silent” stroke epidemic.

In The News

In The NewsHigh C and low mortality, fish intake means reduced stroke risk, plus…

Q & A

Q & AThe origins of Perilla oil, methylation agents and more.

Medical Updates

Medical UpdatesStudies from around the world to help you live longer.


ProductsWhat is the proper dose of melatonin?


BriefsDHEA precautions.

Journal Abstracts 

Mercury Detoxification, Stroke/Cardiovascular Disease, Melatonin



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