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Medical Updates review studies that are of importance to those seeking an extended life span. The complete scientific abstracts for these studies are available as a special service to Life Extension Foundation members. If you read here about new studies you want to learn more about or want to show to your doctor, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the Life Extension Foundation, P.O. Box 229120, Hollywood, Fla., 33022, USA. Please enclose a small donation (minimum $1, please) to cover the costs of copying and processing. Or access the complete Scientific Abstracts online.

January 2001
Table Of Contents
  1. Stinging nettle root vs. prostate cancer
  2. Effect of COQ10 on atherosclerosis
  3. Vitamin C prevents atherogenic effects of passive smoking
  4. Mitochondria, oxidative stress and aging
  5. Iron and increased lipid peroxidation
  6. Vitamin E reduces chromosomal damage and inhibits tumors
  7. Melatonin secretion in perimenopausal women
  8. NAC and vitamin E modulate immune function
  9. Fish oil vs. blood clotting
  10. Garlic extract vs. free radical damage

February 2001
Table Of Contents

  1. CLA reduces breast tumor metastasis
  2. Genistein shows synergistic effects on prostate cancer cells
  3. Vitamin C, blood pressure, and heart disease in older persons
  4. Melatonin and colon cancer
  5. COQ10 supplements make the heart resistant to ischemia-reperfusion injury
  6. Effects of saw palmetto for benign prostatic hyperplasia
  7. Effect of soy protein foods on LDL oxidation
  8. Effect of vitamin C supplementation on immune response
  9. Vitamin D-3 inhibits liver cancer
  10. Role of telomerase in cell aging and cancer
  11. Grape seed extract fights tumors
  12. Resveratrol in grapes decreases PSA
  13. Excess mortality associated with increased pulse pressure
  14. Inhibitory effects of carotenoids on liver cancer cells
  15. Effect of curcumin on bone marrow

March 2001
Table Of Contents
  1. Testosterone reduces chest pain
  2. Deprenyl does not increase Parkinson's death rate
  3. Multivitamins increase key nutrients in elderly
  4. Importance of grape seed extract in disease prevention
  5. Diet lowers homocysteine and heart disease risk
  6. Prostate screening better earlier, every two years
  7. Synergistic effects of polyphenols on human prostate tumors
  8. Size of prostate tumor predicts risk of recurrence
  9. Success in reprogramming brain cells
  10. Breast cancer may be prevented with NSAIDS
  11. Autoimmune disorders among top 10 killers of women
  12. Bacteria in the intestines may help prevent diseases
  13. Carrots have more antioxidants when cooked
  14. Prostate cancer detection by percent free PSA
  15. Calcium intake important for healthy gums
  16. Aluminum in water may increase Alzheimer's risk
  17. Vitamin D shows promise as cancer prevention drug
  18. Vitamins C, E may lower blood pressure
  19. New screening technique for arterial plaque
  20. Tomato seeds prevent blood clots
  21. Molecular mechanism of aging studied
  22. Effect of antioxidants on metabolism of the eye and brain
  23. GH replacement therapy and VLDL cholesterol
  24. DHEAS decreases overactivity of immune system
  25. Prevention or reversal of long-term depression by pregnenolone sulfate

April 2001
Table Of Contents
  1. Insulin level may help predict breast cancer survival
  2. Systolic blood-pressure reading should define hypertension
  3. Antioxidant and folate intake and male lung cancer risk
  4. Beneficial effects of NAC in diabetes
  5. Curcumin extract inhibits LDL oxidation and lowers cholesterol
  6. Triglyceride levels, cholesterol and heart attack risk
  7. Effect of zinc on pancreatitis in rodents
  8. Effects of selenium on kidney disease in diabetes
  9. Effects of fish oil or soy lecithin on platelet adhesion
  10. Effect of vitamins on hyperhomocysteinemia
  11. Male hormone blockade for advanced prostate cancer
  12. Prostate cancer treatment in old age
  13. 3-D radiation zaps prostate cancer more precisely
  14. Prostate cancer vaccine shows promise
  15. Genistein inhibits PSA activity in prostate cancer cells
  16. DHEA speeds the healing process
  17. Ginkgo vs. stroke damage
  18. Active life helps to ward off Alzheimer's
  19. Very high fiber diet for type II diabetics

May 2001
Table Of Contents
  1. Selenium, vitamin E and rheumatoid arthritis
  2. Diet and overall survival in the very old
  3. Alpha-lipoic acid protects antioxidant capacity of COQ10
  4. DHEA replacement in the healthy elderly
  5. Antioxidant supplements: Effects on disease and aging
  6. Melatonin prevents gallstones
  7. Melatonin suppresses fat, leptin and blood insulin
  8. Melatonin plus interleukin-2 and cancer immunotherapy
  9. DHEA and aging
  10. Green tea inhibits breast cancer cell growth
  11. Green tea vs. liver tumors
  12. DHEA and melatonin vs. anthrax toxin production

June 2001
Table Of Contents
  1. Vitamin E succinate promotes breast cancer tumor dormancy
  2. Silymarin exhibits anti-cancer effects
  3. Anti-tumor effects of soybean on the breast tumors
  4. Melatonin + Interleukin (IL-2) prolongs cancer survival
  5. Effect of selenium combination therapy on cancer
  6. Vitamin E supplementation improves LDL oxidation
  7. Vitamin A may help prevent breast cancer
  8. Infections may lead to heart attacks
  9. Fat, not calcium responsible for heart attacks
  10. Eating whole grains may protect against disease
  11. Effect of alcohol on nutrients
  12. Curcumin, genistein, quercetin and cisplatin and oral cancer
  13. Tumor size after surgery predicts recurrence
  14. Physical activity and mortality in men with heart disease
  15. Antiatherogenic action of vitamin C and E
  16. Caloric restriction of monkeys lowers free radical damage
  17. Effect of NAC on free radical stress and brain lesions
  18. Generation of free radicals after exhaustive exercise

July 2001
Table of Contents

  1. Homocysteine causes DNA damage in nerve cells
  2. Selenium, interleukins and AIDS
  3. Effect of alpha-lipoic acid on brain antioxidants
  4. Alpha-lipoic acid helps cell recovery
  5. Homocysteine and kidney disease
  6. Vitamin supplements and cardiovascular risk
  7. Folic acid supplementation and heart disease

August 2001
Table of Contents

  1. The impact of stroke
  2. Bioavailability of nutrients in the elderly
  3. Low-dose transdermal testosterone therapy improves angina
  4. Isoflavone consumption and CVD factors in postmenopausal women
  5. Fish oil protects against colon cancer
  6. Dietary fatty acids effect on cardiovascular syndrome
  7. SAMe protects mitochondrial injury in liver
  8. Doppler ultrasound for the brain
  9. Vitamin C and chronic heart failure
  10. Vitamin C concentration and atherosclerosis
  11. Deprenyl prevents cell hypoxia caused by neurotoxins
  12. L-arginine, heart rate and oxygen
  13. Deviations in immune system from occupational radiation

September 2001
Table of Contents

  1. Melatonin for treatment of dementia in the elderly
  2. Indole-3-carbinol inhibits human breast cancer
  3. Liver cancer after long-term tamoxifen therapy
  4. Anti-atherogenic effect of CoQ10
  5. Curcumin prevents radiation-induced breast cancer
  6. Curcumin modulates tumor remission
  7. Vitamin D3 vs. colon cancer?
  8. Curcumin and vitamin C inhibit free radicals
  9. Vitamin C and stomach cancer
  10. Silibinin inhibits proliferation of prostate cancer cells
  11. Curcumin may inhibit inflammation/blood clots

October 2001
Table of Contents

  1. SAMe prevents vitamin E depletion in liver
  2. Bisphosphonates induce breast cancer cell death
  3. Effect of nutritional status on viruses
  4. Role of curcumin in eye cavity enlargement
  5. Melatonin restores full sexual activity in rats
  6. Combination vitamin D3 therapy for liver cancer
  7. Melatonin vs. immunotoxicity of lead
  8. Free radical stress vulnerability in aging
  9. Anthocyanins enhance resistance to free radical formation
  10. Free radicals and CNS nerve cells in Alzheimer's disease
  11. Calorie restriction decreases proinflammatory proteins
  12. Vitamin E, membrane fluidity and blood pressure
  13. Melatonin: potent scavenger of free radicals

November 2001
Table of Contents

  1. Melatonin reduces kidney failure
  2. Risk factors for gastric cancer
  3. Melatonin protects against damage by ionizing radiation
  4. Free radicals decrease age-related aerobic efficiency
  5. Coronary heart disease risk reduction
  6. Advances in stem cell transplantation
  7. Raloxifene for heart disease and breast cancer?
  8. Strategies to reduce the risk of virus-related cancers
  9. Potent free radical scavenger in red grapes
  10. Telomerase targeted to fight cancer
  11. Vitamins C and E prevent tissue damage
  12. Homocysteine levels in vegetarians vs. omnivores
  13. Determinants of artery disease in the elderly
  14. Low retinol levels and liver disease
  15. Gene therapy for prostate cancer: Where are we now?
  16. Age-related decline in physical activity
  17. Anti-inflammatory effect on liver cells in viral hepatitis
  18. Eat to live, not live to eat
  19. Vitamin B6 vs. seizures
  20. Garlic consumption and cancer prevention

December 2001
Table of Contents

  1. Ginkgo's effects on aging nerve cells in the eye
  2. Loss of energy from seizures linked to free radicals
  3. CoQ10 level low in heart and liver of diabetics
  4. DHEA-S causes an increase in melatonin secretion
  5. Nasal spray prevents recurrence of osteoporotic fractures
  6. Deprenyl improves cardiac function
  7. Effect of HRT on the arteries in perimenopausal women
  8. Cancer and Mediterranean dietary traditions
  9. Prostate cancer risk and physical activity
  10. Raloxifene vs. tamoxifen on lipid metabolism