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Biomarker Launches Series A Fundraising Efforts

August 1, 2003

Biomarker Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is one of the first companies to apply a scientifically validated and proprietary approach to develop safe and effective therapeutics to retard aging. The Company has formally started efforts to raise new funds to finance needed development efforts leading to first clinical trials. The Company has engaged Satwik Venture Capital Partners II, LLC ("SVC Partners") a San Jose based investment and venture capital firm, to assist in qualifying investors and to manage the investment process.

"We are excited to be at this critical juncture and looking forward to successfully raising outside investor capital to take the Company to the next stage. SVC Partners is noted for raising capital for early stage firms such as ours and has a well-developed process for working with both qualified individual investors and institutions. They will lead the fundraising and management efforts on our behalf, thereby allowing us to focus on achieving important milestones," stated Xi Zhao-Wilson, Biomarker CEO.

"Over the past 3 years, our partners have raised over $120M for numerous emerging technology firms plus managed investor funds through our group of specialized investment entities. We think that Biomarker represents the type of breakthrough firm that will be very attractive to both qualified individual investors and institutions," said Paul Getty, Managing Member of SVC Partners.

About Biomarker
Biomarker intends to introduce a new class of therapeutics that is based on recent advances in understanding how genes control the aging process, and how therapeutic interventions can be developed to slow aging, prevent age-related diseases and extend maximum lifespan.

The Company uses a patented method for developing therapeutics for slowing aging and treating a broad range of age-related diseases. This method has been shown to be the only reliable approach that truly extends lifespan. Animals placed on calorie restricted (CR) diets experience an extension of maximum lifespan of up to 80% and a remarkable reduction in the incidence of diseases that normally accompany aging. BioMarker is applying molecular genetics to animal models of CR, in order to discover new therapeutics, which will extend youth, vigor, and life span.

BioMarker's uses DNA microarrays (gene chips) to measure gene expression in the tissues of normally aging mice, monkeys and humans as well as in life extension models such as CR. The Company has discovered the gene expression changes characteristic of aging, which are reversed in long-living CR animals. The gene changes are also associated with the remarkable broad-spectrum disease-preventative properties associated with CR. The Company is developing pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and other therapies that mimic these changes.

The rationale for this strategy is that any therapy that closely mimics the gene expression effects of therapies that slow aging, prevents age-related diseases and extends maximum life span in animals will likely have the same effects in humans, without the necessity of perpetual hunger.

BioMarker Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a California corporation established in June 2002. The headquarters are located at 900 E. Hamilton Ave., Suite 100, Campbell, CA 95008, and the research facilities are in Riverside, California. See www.biomarkerinc.com for more information about Biomarker.

About Satwik Venture Capital Partners
SVC Partners' mission is to provide its investors with exceptional returns by investing in high-tech companies that focus on breakthrough technology. The firm invests in companies where it can add strategic value such as joint strategic planning, operational management and leadership, and introductions to customers and potential employees. SVC Partners brings technology, alliances, finances, people placement, and business development together by using a strong network of successful technologists and executives in Silicon Valley, and reputed financial executives and institutions worldwide.

Satwik Venture Capital Partners II, LLC is a Delaware LLC with its main offices located at 100 Century Center Court, Suite 503, San Jose, CA 95112. Potential Investors looking for more information regarding the offering should contact either Paul Getty (pgetty@satwik.com; 408-392-0073) or Dinesh Gupta (dgupta@satwik.com; 408-392-0072) at SVC Partners directly. More information on the SVC Partners and its related entities may also be found at www.satwik.com.


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