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Life Extension Magazine

June 2003

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Life Extension Magazine June 2003

BioMarker Pharmaceuticals Develops Anti-Aging Therapy

Using advanced technology, BioMarker Pharmaceuticals has developed a significant anti-aging breakthrough. For the first time, a pharmaceutical has been discovered that mimics many of the positive benefits of caloric restriction. This drug is available today and could add decades to the healthy human life span.


A New Era for SAMe

A New Era for SAMe

SAMe has long been known for its remarkable ability to rescue patients from the depths of depression. Now, the U.S. Government has found that SAMe plays a vital role in liver detoxification and fighting arthritis. New clinical studies have uncovered wide range applications for this remarkable supplement.

An Essay on Desire

An Essay on Desire

Reprinted from the Journal of the American Medical Association is the alarming story of one man’s struggle with prostate cancer. The brutal honesty of this piece gives us a first-hand look at the very real dangers of this disease.

Reducing Prostate Cancer Deaths through Prevention and Early Diagnosis

Reducing Prostate Cancer Deaths through Prevention and Early Diagnosis

Conventional doctors are overlooking proven means of detecting prostate cancer in its earliest stages. Aging men are not being informed about documented methods to reduce their odds of contracting prostate cancer. Stephen Strum, M.D., provides guidance as to what all men should do to lessen their risk of dying from this epidemic disease.

The Overlooked Female Hormone

The Overlooked Female Hormone

Women have long been misinformed about hormone replacement therapy (HRT). The scientific literature, on the other hand, provides guidance as to how females of all ages can safely restore their estrogen-progesterone ratios to youthful levels. The clinical experience of innovative physicians demonstrates the safety and benefits of natural hormone balancing as opposed to hormone drugs.


As We See It

As We See ItDrugs prescribed by cardiologists that cause heart attacks.

In The News

In The NewsThe American Academy of Pediatrics endorses using potassium iodide for children; preventing prostate cancer metastasis.

Journal Abstracts 

Progesterone, SAMe and SARS



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