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Life Extension Super Booster
(New Formula-Lower Price)

DOSAGE: 1 softgel per day with a meal.

The Life Extension Super Booster contains nutrients that cannot fit into the tightly packed Life Extension Mix formula, along with nutrients that only come in an oil-base, and therefore require a softgel cap to contain them. The Super Booster also contains nutrients that are so well documented people often want to take higher amounts than provided by the Life Extension Mix™.

Just one softgel capsule of Life Extension Super Booster provides critically important nutrients such as gamma tocopherol that are lacking in multi-nutrient formulas. Scientists have shown that people supplementing with the alpha tocopherol form of vitamin E should also consume gamma tocopherol. The reason is alpha tocopherol displaces gamma tocopherol in the body, which may result in a lack of protection against certain types of free radicals.

Augmenting the Effects of Gamma Tocopherol
One problem with gamma tocopherol is that relatively small amounts are delivered to where it is often most needed. The new Super Booster provides 20 mg of sesame lignans to augment the dissemination of gamma tocopherol to cells throughout the body.

In human and animal studies, administration of sesame lignans increases tissue and serum levels of all vitamin E analogs—including gamma and alpha tocopherol.1 Of particular interest are studies showing that sesame lignans elevate gamma tocopherol levels quite dramatically.2 This is critical because gamma tocopherol, but not alpha tocopherol, quenches reactive nitrogen species, such as the peroxynitrite radical, which we know plays a major role in the development of cardiovascular problems.

The reason it is so difficult to raise gamma tocopherol levels in human tissues and serum are due to two forces that are constantly at work to defeat it. The only carrier protein that transports vitamin E from the liver to the tissues, alpha tocopherol, is highly selective in transporting alpha tocopherol in a 20 to 1 ratio to other tocopherols. This means relatively little gamma tocopherol ends up in the cell membranes compared to alpha tocopherol. Studies have shown that adding sesame to a rat diet increased vitamin E alpha serum levels 40%, and gamma tocopherol levels 800%, while lowering a measurement of free radical-induced damage (thiobarbituric reactive substances) by 82.8%.2-4

Since gamma tocopherol comes in an oil-base, it cannot be included in the Life Extension Mix™ formula (which contains only dry powders). Because of the importance of obtaining the gamma fraction of vitamin E, most members who take Life Extension Mix will take one capsule of the new Life Extension Booster (and/or the new Gamma E Tocopherol with Sesame Lignans formula).

So Much Potency in Just One Capsule
In order to reduce the cost and inconvenience of taking many different pills, the Life Extension Super Booster provides optimal doses of ginkgo extract, vitamin K, chlorophyllin, lycopene, three forms of selenium and other nutrients in just one capsule.

Ginkgo is the most popular flavonoid supplement in the world because of its multi-faceted effects of promoting healthy circulatory and neurological function. Vitamin K is found in vegetables and helps keep calcium in bones, while maintaining arterial structure and elasticity.5 Chlorophyllin is a nutrient used as protection against DNA gene mutation.6

The effects of selenium in boosting glutathione and protecting against the formation of undesirable cell colonies are well established.7 Most people don’t know that the scientific literature reveals that there are several different forms of selenium that provide the diverse biological benefits attributed to this mineral. Life Extension Super Booster provides selenomethionine, sodium selenate and Se-methyl-selenocysteine.

Lycopene continues to impress scientists as the red carotenoid that inhibits LDL oxidation and also protects DNA gene integrity.8 Life Extension Mix™ provides 3 mg of powdered lycopene, but the most economical way of taking it is in oil-base form. There are 10 mg of lycopene in each capsule of the new Life Extension Booster.

Life Extension Booster Now Costs Less!
The effects of sesame lignans on enhancing gamma tocopherol activity are so remarkable, that we removed the tocotrienols, which were the most expensive ingredient of the previous formula. As a result, the cost of Life Extension Booster has been lowered 32%.

Here are the ingredients contained in just one capsule of Life Extension Super Booster:

Mixed Tocopherols

359 mg





Gamma Tocopherol

215.5 to 244.2 mg


Delta Tocopherol

89.8 to 125.7 mg


Alpha Tocopherol

18 to 35.9 mg



0 to 7.2 mg

Sesame lignans

20 mg


10 mg


2.2 mg


100 mg

Ginkgo extract

120 mg

Vitamin K1

9 mg

Vitamin K2

1 mg


100 mcg


50 mcg

Sodium Selenate

50 mcg

Folic Acid

800 mcg

Vitamin B 12

500 mcg

Vitamin C

90 mg

Ascorbic acid

90 mg

Ascorbyl Palmitate

50 mg

Vitamin E (or D-Alpha Tocopherol)

98.8 IU


10 mg

Since most of these ingredients are fat-soluble, Life Extension Super Booster should be taken with the heaviest meal of the day. Because the largest meal of the day often contains the most dietary mutagens, it is appropriate to consume the chlorophyllin contained in Life Extension Super Booster at this time.

The cost of the individual ingredients greatly exceeds the price of the Life Extension Super Booster. For instance, the retail prices of the gamma E tocopherol, lycopene-lutein extracts, vitamin K, folic acid-B12, ginkgo extract and chlorophyllin add up to over $170. By using Life Extension Super Booster, members save 75% as opposed to buying these ingredients separately. During the SUPER SALE, the savings are even greater.

Note: Those who want to continue taking tocotrineols can obtain them in a new Tocotrienol-Sesame capsule formula. Sesame lignans also boost the antioxidant activity of tocotrienols.

Caution: Those taking Coumadin cannot take Life Extension Super Booster because of the vitamin K. Those with Wilson’s disease should not take chlorophyllin supplements. The previous Life Extension Booster formula (without vitamin K and chlorophyllin) is still available at the lower price.

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