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Enhanced Natural Prostate with Cernitin

DOSAGE: One capsule with breakfast and one capsule at bedtime.

Back in the 1980s, the most frequent complaint Life Extension used to hear were aging men lamenting about their enlarged prostate glands. We helped many members by identifying a product used in Europe called Permixon® that provided urinary relief to those with prostate problems. Foundation members who ordered Permixon® from Europe reported noticeable improvements in prostate health.

Dietary supplement companies soon realized that Permixon® was actually saw palmetto extract, which meant it could be manufactured and sold in the United States. Saw palmetto extract became an instant success and hundreds of supplement companies now offer it.
If Life Extension could accept mediocrity, saw palmetto would still be the solution for aging members seeking prostate support.

Instead, Life Extension scanned the world’s literature and discovered that combinations of saw palmetto with pygeum or nettle root extracts provided greater overall benefits. Life Extension developed the first prostate formula to contain the identical concentrations of saw palmetto, nettle root, and pygeum extracts used in European studies on men to protect the prostate and help maintain its healthy function.

The name of this saw palmetto-pygeum-nettle root extract was Natural Prostate Formula. Since its introduction in the 1990s, it has been upgraded with added lycopene and boron. These two nutrients were included in the Natural Prostate formula because they may be used to maintain healthy cell colonies.1-7

Since its inception, Natural Prostate has been an enormous success. It is one of the most re-ordered products Life Extension offers. There was one additional ingredient, however, that was showing increasing evidence of benefit. The latest new ingredient added to the Natural Prostate formula is a bee pollen extract called Cernitin. Some studies indicate that Cernitin works as well or better than saw palmetto extract, and may work by different mechanisms than saw palmetto.8-13

The daily dose of two capsules of Enhanced Natural Prostate with Cernitin provides:

Saw palmetto (super critical extract)

320 mg

Pygeum extract (13% pygeum sterols)

100 mg

Urtica dioca (nettle root) extract

240 mg

Lycopene extract

10 mg

Boron (amino acid chelate)

3 mg


252 mg

Although Cernitin is an expensive ingredient, it has been added to the Enhanced Natural Prostate Formula at no additional charge. Read more about the benefits of Cernitin in maintaining healthy prostate function in the December 2004 issue of Life Extension magazine.

For optimal savings, most members order a one-year supply of this advanced prostate support formula during the annual Super Sale.

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