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LE Magazine Special Edition, Winter 2004/2005




1: Life Extension Mix

2: Life Extension Super Booster

3: Coenzyme Q10

4: Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer

5: Cognitex

6: Super EPA/DHA with Sesame Lignans

7: Enhanced Natural Prostate with Cernitin (Men)

7: Bone Restore (Women)

8: Restoring Youthful Hormone Balance

9: S-adenosyl-methionine (SAMe)

10: Aspirin

Top 10 Most Important Steps for Achieving Ultimate Health

With new health findings being touted daily, consumers are often confused about what they should be doing to maintain optimal health.

Each year, The Life Extension Foundation reviews the published scientific literature and compiles a listing of the best-documented life-extending nutrients, hormones, and drugs.

When deciding on the Top 10 most important components, the foremost factor we consider is the preponderance of scientific data that substantiates the benefits of a particular nutrient, drug, or hormone. We also look at the cost-to-benefit ratio. That means we sometimes rule out components that are too expensive in relationship to lower cost items that may show equal efficacy. Convenience is also an important factor. We seek to provide the maximum amount of potency in the fewest possible capsules, tablets, etc.

This year’s Top 10 listing represents significant changes over what we have recommended in the past. We suggest that all members review this new listing as it may alter the type of supplements you choose to use in the upcoming year.