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March 2006

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Life Extension Magazine March 2006

FDA Censors Health Benefits of Cherries

Scientific studies show that cherries may help prevent and treat diseases including cancer and arthritis. In one study, cherries suppressed inflammatory pain as effectively as prescription drugs. The FDA's campaign to prevent cherry growers from sharing this information is the latest example of the FDA putting drug industry profits above the public health.


How Whey Promotes Weight Loss

How Whey Promotes Weight Loss

Excess body weight greatly increases the risk of agerelated diseases. New research shows that whey protein promotes weight loss by supporting satiety, improving insulin sensitivity, and optimizing muscle mass.

Reducing Migraine Frequency

Reducing Migraine Frequency

Used for decades by German migraine sufferers, an herbal extract has been shown to safely reduce the incidence of migraine by up to 50% (without the harmful side effects of prescription drugs).

Vitamin D and Cancer

Vitamin D and Cancer

The past year has produced stunning new research suggesting that vitamin D may reduce the risk of many deadly cancers... and may even improve treatment outcomes in those who already have cancer.

Tissue Regeneration to Extend Life

Tissue Regeneration to Extend Life

Free radical-induced oxidative stress damages lipids, proteins, DNA, and mitochondria throughout the body. Here we review the antioxidants that studies demonstrate to be most powerful in guarding the body against the disease-inducing ravages of oxidative stress.

Drug-induced Nutrient Deficiencies

Drug-induced Nutrient Deficiencies

Up to 30% of drug side effects are caused by druginduced nutrient deficiencies. Here we examine common drugs, the vitamins and minerals they deplete, and how to ensure adequate stores of these critical nutrients.


As We See It

As We See ItThe FDA's stated mission is to help the public get “accurate, science-based information they need to use foods to improve their health.” The truth is, the FDA goes to extremes to deny Americans access to data demonstrating the health benefits of fruits and vegetables. Learn how you can help stamp out FDA censorship by supporting the Health Freedom Protection Act.

In The News

In The NewsFruits, vegetables may guard against Alzheimer's; obesity linked to inflammation and heart disease; apigenin inhibits prostate cancer growth; lipoic acid protects nervous system; psyllium supports healthy blood sugar lipids; resveratrol found to stop flu virus; malnutrition is epidemic, overlooked in the elderly.

All About Supplements

All About SupplementsSelenium boosts antioxidant defenses and immune health, and may help prevent cancer.

Ask the Doctor

Ask the DoctorDermatologist Gary Goldfaden, MD, discusses how to prevent and manage skin pigmentation disorders.

Journal Abstracts  

Vitamin D, Cherries, Tissue Regeneration and Whey Protein



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