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December 2006

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Life Extension Magazine December 2006

The Migraine Cure

In his new book The Migraine Cure, Dr. Sergey A. Dzugan describes a breakthrough treatment regimen that eliminated migraine in 100% of subjects in a long-term clinical trial. The subjects also reported improvements in symptoms of depression, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, high cholesterol, and irritable bowel syndrome. Learn how restoring hormonal balance and optimizing your pineal gland and digestive tract function could free you of migraine—in less than a week!


Heal Your Stomach Naturally

Heal Your Stomach Naturally

The H. pylori virus infects up to half of all Americans, provoking severe gastric distress and excruciating pain from ulcers. A new supplement, sold as a drug in Japan, helps fight H. pylori infection while protecting and repairing delicate stomach tissues.

Is Alzheimer's A Form Of Diabetes?

Is Alzheimer's A Form Of Diabetes?

Scientists have uncovered shocking biochemical similarities between diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. Learn which steps you can take today to restore healthy insulin activity in your body and safeguard your future against both diabetes and mind-destroying dementia.

New "Supercharged" Vitamin C

New Supercharged Vitamin C

Few adults realize how quickly the body oxidizes and excretes vitamin C. Here we introduce a powerful new antioxidant that helps maintain and re-circulate vitamin C in the body, thus augmenting the disease-fighting capabilities of this essential nutrient.

New LEF Website: One-stop Shopping

New LEF Website: One-stop Shopping

Where can you find breaking health news, comprehensive disease-prevention protocols, and one-stop shopping for all your nutritional supplement needs? The new Life Extension website has every tool and resource you need to pursue a complete anti-aging program.


As We See It

As We See ItSince the first human embryonic stem cells were created in 2001, federal bureaucrats have stymied stem cell research, denying potentially lifesaving therapies to millions. The good news is, scientists are learning that nutrients such as blueberry, green tea, vitamin D3, and carnosine promote the proliferation of human bone marrow cells and stem cells, and may thus help protect against age-related bone marrow degeneration, anemia, and related disorders.

In The News

In The NewsLow testosterone increases mortality in older men; milk thistle compound suppresses prostate cancer; lutein, zeaxanthin improve skin health; ginseng improves breast cancer survival, outcomes; vitamin C improves blood pressure in the elderly; vitamin E, lipoic acid help slow vision loss; creatine, whey before exercise boost muscle growth; vitamin D cuts risk of pancreatic cancer; and more.

Ask The Doctor

Ask The DoctorDr. Sergey A. Dzugan explains how a program of lifestyle changes, nutrients, herbal remedies, and hormone restoration can safely restore healthy, restful sleep.

All About Supplements

All About SupplementsThe mineral zinc strengthens the immune system, fights colds and flu, promotes healthy skin and bones, and may even help avert certain cancers.

Wellness Profile

Wellness ProfileIn his film, "The Fountain", director Darren Aronofsky explores humanity’s age-old quest to conquer death and achieve immortality.

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Zinc-Carnosine, Alzheimer's-Diabetes, and Dihydroquercetin



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