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New Form of CoQ10

Researchers have discovered a new form of Coenzyme Q10 that is up to eight times more absorbable than any other CoQ10 on the market, including Life Extension's Super Absorbable CoQ10. Read some of the compelling evidence that has us so excited.

Reverse Atherosclerosis While Protecting Against Cancer

A new fruit extract may be the answer to reversing arterial disease and guarding against certain forms of cancer. Find out how this fruit may prevent or delay the onset of devastating health conditions.

The New Life Extension Mix Formula

Constantly upgraded based on novel scientific discoveries, Life Extension Mix contains a new fruit extract with superior free radical-fighting effects.

Missing Link in Combating Macular Degeneration

A popular eye health supplement used by Foundation members goes beyond the norm, providing a novel nutrient not typically found in the diet. This potent carotenoid may be the critical “missing link” needed to optimally maintain the density of the macular pigment.

New Form of Vitamin K Protects Against Arterial Calcification

Scientists have discovered that vitamin K is an integral partner in protecting against arterial calcification. A new form of vitamin K2 provides even more pronounced effects in keeping calcium out of the arteries and directing it to the bone, where it belongs.



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