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March 2008

Burn Away Excess Body Fat

Burn Away Excess Body Fat

Groundbreaking research has uncovered a non-stimulating compound that safely promotes the burning of fat at the cellular level.What has scientists so excited is that this natural agent boosted resting metabolic rate in both humans and animals—without causing central nervous system stimulation—resulting in significant weight reductions.


The Seven Pillars to Weight Loss

The Seven Pillars to Weight LossThe uncontrolled propagation of adipocytes (fat cells) is analogous to a benign tumor growing in the body. Aging people need to do more than limit calorie intake if they are going to reduce and keep off excess body fat. Those seeking to lose weight should incorporate Life Extension’s new Seven Pillars of Successful Weight Loss as part of their daily health-maintenance program.

Just Say "NO" to most CAT SCANS

Just Say NO to most CAT SCANSAmericans are being overdosed with dangerously high radiation levels as more CAT scans are performed now than ever before. While CAT scans play an important role in diagnosing certain medical conditions, their overuse is causing DNA damage that will lead to needless cancer deaths. Find out when to say “no” to a CAT scan.

The Common Link Between Heart Disease and Osteoporosis

The Common Link Between Heart Disease and OsteoporosisDoctors too often fail to recognize the deadly link between osteoporosis and calcification of our arteries. New research continues to show that a vitamin K deficiency contributes to both of these deadly conditions. Fortunately, a vitamin K deficit can be corrected with low-cost supplements.

Ward off Chronic Yeast and Bacterial Infections

Ward off Chronic Yeast and Bacterial InfectionsPowerful drugs exist to eradicate most yeast and bacterial infections, but these organisms too often return. Women are particularly hard hit. Restoring healthy bacterial flora confers significant protection against these types of chronic infections.


As We See It

Why a 100% Effective Diet Pill Would Lead to a Health CatastropheFor a variety of reasons, humans tend to accumulate excess fat as they enter middle age. One cause of age-associated weight gain is a slow-down in the rate at which our cellular mitochondria burn fats. A novel plant extract discovered by Japanese researchers has been shown to boost mitochondrial fat-burning and induce significant weight loss in human and animal studies. Read why a 100% effective diet pill would lead to a health catastrophe.

In The News

In The NewsLow SAMe levels linked to Alzheimer’s; vitamin D deficiency and autism; pomegranate improves erectile dysfunction; fish oil controls obesity; resveratrol protects against prostate cancer; milk thistle extract reduces liver cancer; and more.

Wellness Profile

Vitamin D increases longevityCreating a new paradigm of medicine, Dr. Eric Braverman has combined neurology, nutrition with internal medicine with the goal of early detection and treatment of cognitive decline including dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Journal Abstracts

Fucoxanthin, Vitamin K,and Probiotics


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