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More Weight Loss than Any Other Discovery in Supplement History

More Weight Loss than Any Other Discovery in Supplement History

In a breakthrough that may reverse today’s epidemic of obesity, a natural compound has been discovered that circumvents the molecular factors involved in obesity … including a phenomenon known as “leptin-resistance.” This means that humans can now benefit from their own leptin because it is able to enter cells and do what it does for obese rats, e.g., induce massive weight loss!

In a recent controlled study, humans taking this new compound lost 28 pounds over a 10-week period compared to less than 3 pounds in the placebo group. Unlike other weight loss studies that mandate some moderation in food intake, these study participants did not alter their diet. Equally remarkable are results showing the same mechanisms that enable this compound to reduce body fat also lower metabolic syndrome risk factors like elevated LDL, glucose, triglycerides and low HDL.


How to Obtain the Lowest Prices on Your Supplement Purchases

How to Obtain the Lowest Prices on Your Supplement PurchasesWith the commencement of the 20th annual winter Super Sale, members can purchase state-of-the-art dietary supplements at extra-discounted prices. When buying from the Life Extension Foundation Buyers Club, consumers have assurance that the quality of the products is backed by the organization’s commitment to achieving an indefinitely extended life span.

Protect Your Proteins Against Toxic Glycation Reactions

Protect Your Proteins Against Toxic Glycation ReactionsWhen sugars react with the body’s proteins, non-functioning glycated structures form. Glycation is associated with arterial blood flow problems, long-term kidney issues and senescent skin.

Life Extension members gained access to anti-glycation agents when carnosine and benfotiamine supplements became available. For over a decade, however, governmental regulatory issues blocked one of the most important glycation-protection agents called pyridoxamine. This unique form of vitamin B6 (pyridoxamine) has now been added to two popular formulas used by Life Extension members.

The New Life Extension Mix™ Formula

The New Life Extension Mix™ FormulaThe Life Extension Mix formula is upgraded on an annual basis to provide members with the most advanced health-promoting nutrients. The new Life Extension Mix contains more vitamin D and provides a novel nutrient that helps reduce undesireable glycation reactions.



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