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February 2009

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The Cholesterol Controversy

The Cholesterol Controversy

As we enter 2009, a heated debate rages about the role of cholesterol and LDL oxidation in the development of heart disease. Based on a meticulous analysis, both sides have it wrong! The fact that confusion still exists over this straightforward medical principle helps explain why atherosclerotic disease remains today’s leading preventable killer.



Relieving Menopausal Symptoms Naturally

Relieving Menopausal Symptoms NaturallyThe quest for safer alternatives to dangerous estrogen drugs has led to the discovery of a novel plant extract that contains the most powerful phytoestrogen known. This natural compound has been shown to combat menopausal complaints as well as protect against bone loss and heart disease.

Preventing Vascular Disease

Preventing Vascular DiseaseLife Extension members were long ago warned about the dangers of chronic inflammation and LDL oxidation. Powerful new studies methodically document the benefit of treating elevated C-reactive protein and LDL oxidation before heart attack, stroke, and other common diseases clinically manifest.

Deflating Your Spare Tire For a Longer, Leaner Life Turn Off Your Fat Switch

Deflating Your Spare Tire For a Longer, Leaner Life TURN OFF YOUR FAT SWITCHAt a scientific conference held in October 2008, a renowned anti-obesity researcher announced unprecedented weight loss results from a placebo-controlled clinical trial. After only 10 weeks, people receiving the plant extract Irvingia lost more than six inches of belly fat while LDL, glucose, and C-reactive protein levels plummeted.



BlueberriesThe tiny but mighty blueberry is quickly being recognized by scientists as emerging research suggests its antioxidant phenolic compounds can do everything from combating cancer, diabetes, and heart disease to safeguarding against age-related declines in mental acuity and motor function.



In The News

In The NewsLow CoQ10 levels predict mortality in heart failure; promising weight-loss extract targets appetite, blood glucose control; pectin may reduce spread of cancer; olive oil, green tea combo fights atherosclerosis; vitamin K may improve insulin resistance; isoflavone benefits vascular health; vitamin D deficiencies discovered in Parkinson’s patients; grapes help combat heart disease; study calls for new omega-3 guidelines; carnitine slows bone loss; vitamin E cuts risk of lung cancer; green tea capsule decreases cardiovascular risk factors; fish oil an effective prophylactic in children; lipoic acid prevents nerve damage in chemotherapy.

Wellness Profile

Wellness ProfileFounder of the Marshak clinic for alcohol and drug rehabilitation, Dr. Jacob Marshak uses an exclusive program for treating addiction. After achieving an astonishing 70% sobriety rate with patients in his native Russia, he is using his tried-and-tested methods to replicate this success at his Malibu clinic.


Ask The Doctor

Ask The DoctorDr. Lee Perez reveals how his personal quest for relief from chronic pain led him to discover the synergistic benefits of two topical formulas. These readily available products not only addressed his pain, but did so without any adverse effects.


Journal Abstracts

Amlamax™, Female Support, Irvingia, and Blueberries


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