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April 2011

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What We Are Doing To Reverse Your Biological Age

Widely Used in Europe... Natural Sedative Restores Youthful Sleep

Nearly one-third of American adults struggle with chronic insomnia, yet few are aware of the magnitude by which it increases risk for serious disease. Find out how a proprietary nutritional compound widely used in Europe can safely induce relaxation and restful sleep patterns.


How Chronic Insomnia Destroys Skin Health

Can Blueberry Extracts Halt Metabolic Syndrome?While a single night of poor sleep can make you look a decade older, chronic insomnia’s long-term impact is more than cosmetic. It gradually destroys skin tissue and may cause dermatitis, eczema, and other skin conditions. The good news is there are clinically validated natural interventions that both combat insomnia and restore skin health.

Novel Method to Reverse Age-Related Skin Imperfections

Novel Method Reverse Age-Related Skin ImperfectionsThe dermatological procedure known as microdermabrasion ranks among the most popular ways to restore aging skin in the US today. Unfortunately, it’s both expensive and poses some health risks. A novel exfoliant that harnesses the unique properties of amber crystals has been identifi ed as an effective, affordable, safe alternative.

The Emperor Has No Clothes… Quality Lapses at Big Pharma Unveiled

Take Control of Your Blood Sugar Levels With Targeted Nutrient CompoundsEgregious manufacturing errors by the world’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturers are being routinely uncovered, yet the public remains largely unaware. Consumers meanwhile are being misled by baseless attacks against compounding pharmacies. Discover the shocking truth about serious quality control lapses at Big Pharma.

University of California Researchers Restore Immune Function in Aging Human Cells

The Benefits of a CR Way™ DietIn a landmark study, University of California researchers reversed functional declines in immune cells taken from humans 65 years and older using an analog of the infamous drug thalidomide. Find out how very low doses of this drug may someday reverse the decline in immune function that accompanies normal aging.

Innovative Strategy for Combating Immunosenescence

Natural Solutions for Skin Reactions Related to Cancer TreatmentsThe aging of the immune system—termed immunosenescence—increases risk of cancer and infectious illnesses like pneumonia. Cancer patients are especially hard hit with immune suppression caused from the various toxic therapies. Find out what some cancer patients are using to shore up their compromised immune systems.


What We Are Doing To Reverse Your Biological Age

What We Are Doing To Reverse Your Biological AgeMost experts will tell you it’s impossible to restore youthful health in elderly individuals with advanced degenerative diseases. Yet a team of Harvard-affiliated scientists has shown it’s possible to do this in an age-accelerated animal model. Here we describe several new projects the Life Extension Foundation® has launched to accelerate agereversal research.

In The News

In The NewsVitamin E linked to longevity; magnesium lowers diabetes risk; omega-3 essential for healthy mood; and much more.

Just Do It

Ginger, Good for What Ails YouLooking to get in shape? Considering a personal trainer? Then expert trainer Lorenzo Price has a simple answer for you: “Do it.” In this illuminatingprofile, Price explores the pitfalls facing anyone looking to get fit—and lays out his simple, direct, no-nonsense approach to helping anyone make their specific fitness goals a reality.

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Enhance Sleep, Chronic Insomnia, Lenalidomide, and Immune Function


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