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June 2011

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Optimize Your Internal Defenses Against Radiation Exposure

Optimize Your Internal Defenses Against Radiation Exposure

Back in 2002, we urged the public to maintain a personal supply of potassium iodide in case of a nuclear emergency. When disaster struck in Japan, most Life Extension® members were prepared, but the rest of the world was not, resulting in a global shortage of the most effective compound to protect the thyroid gland. Here we enlighten readers to a comprehensive nutritional regimen to help protect the entire body in case a radiation emergency occurs in your geographic area.

Vindication for Linus Pauling For decades, the Federal government lied about the dangers of above-ground nuclear weapons testing. When the Federal government was finally forced to fess up, their report revealed at least 15,000 cancer deaths in the US caused by radioactive fallout from these detonations. In this report from the May 2002 edition of Life Extension Magazine®, we detail Nobel laureate physicist Dr. Linus Pauling’s lifelong campaign to ban above-ground nuclear testing despite relentless Federal opposition.


Nutrient Intervention for Glaucoma

Nutrient Intervention for GLAUCOMAGlaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness worldwide. Optic nerve damage is preceded by increased intraocular pressure. Up to 50% of people with elevated intraocular pressure remain undiagnosed. A nutrient compound developed in Europe has been shown to reduce intraocular pressure by 24% when used alone… and by 40% when combined with conventional therapy.


Reverse Skin Aging Around Your Eyes

Reverse Skin Aging Around Your EyesThe area of thin, delicate skin around the eyes is one of the first places where signs of aging appear. While not always a sign of fatigue or illness, the emergence of crow’s feet, bags, and dark circles can make you look older than you really are. Discover what causes these visible indicators of aging and how to reverse them naturally.

Proprietary Green Tea Extract Protects the Kidneys

Proprietary Green Tea Extract Protects the KidneysChronic kidney disease is a stealth affliction affecting 26 million Americans. If allowed to progress unchecked, kidney damage disables aging individuals to the point where they require dialysis three times a week. Early detection is essential. In a significant advance, the green tea extract contained in Life Extension’s formula was shown to protect against drug-induced kidney damage.

Reduce Stubbornly High Triglycerides

Reduce Stubbornly High TriglyceridesMainstream doctors erroneously believe that blood triglyceride levels up to 149 mg/dL are safe. Reality is that aging people should strive to keep them far below 100 to protect against heart attack and ischemic stroke. A recent study shows that tocotrienols can lower artery-clogging triglycerides by 28%. This is especially relevant for those who have less-than-optimal triglyceride levels even though they take the proper dose of fi sh oil.


As We See It

The FDA’s Most Heinous Drug ApprovalOne of the reasons members have their blood tested annually is to detect drug toxicities before permanent tissue damage is inflicted. When it comes to the fraudulent drug you are about to read about however, it would have been challenging for any of us to have survived. This deadly drug was administered intravenously during surgical procedures. It killed 1,000 people a month before it was withdrawn from the marketplace, not because the FDA demanded it, but due to numerous wrongful death lawsuits that were piling up against the pharmaceutical company.


In The News

In The NewsApple polyphenols boost longevity in experimental model; landmark calorie restriction study planned; coffee drinkers have fewer strokes; increased supplement use among specialists; and more.

Obscene Profits Over Human Life

Obscene Profits Over Human LifeAs a follow-up to this month’s “As We See It,” the CNN investigative report reprinted here shocks the conscience. It provides a scandalous portrait of how Federal officials collaborated with Pfizer to push yet another drug known to be deadly onto trusting patients, hide the evidence, and shield the drug company behemoth from criminal prosecution.

Journal Abstracts

Radiation exposure, Glaucoma, Skin aging, and Green tea


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