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Collector's Edition 2012/2013

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collector's edition 2012-2013

Safely Lower Blood Pressure With Olive Leaf

It is critical to aggressively control rising blood pressure levels as we age. Bioactive olive leaf extract has been shown to lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

How Calcium Increases Heart Attack Risk

Recent evidence indicates that calcium-only supplements, taken alone, may raise the risk of heart attack. Not reported was the data showing that magnesium and vitamin K2 prevent cardiovascular disease by shielding soft tissues against deadly calcification.

Novel Magnesium Compound Reverses Brain Aging

MIT researchers have identified a form of magnesium that targets correctable factors involved in the onset of Alzheimer’s. In one experimental model, this superior magnesium induced a 100% improvement in long-term memory!


Combat Age-Related Metabolic Decline and Weight Gain

Combat Age-Related Metabolic Decline and Weight Gain

A decline in resting metabolic rate is partly the cause of the weight gain that occurs as we age. Scientists have verified in placebo-controlled studies that 7-Keto DHEA restores resting metabolic rate and safely induces fat loss.

Suppress Autoimmune Joint Damage

Suppress Autoimmune Joint Damage

Scientists at Stanford University discovered that the same destructive autoimmune dysfunction observed in rheumatoid arthritis causes the inflammatory joint damage of osteoarthritis. By safely regulating the immune system, a patented type II collagen shields delicate joint tissue from arthritic autoimmune attacks.

Inhibit Lethal After-Meal Glucose Spikes

Inhibit Lethal After-Meal Glucose Spikes

After-meal glucose surges can reach diabetic levels even in non-diabetics. Fortunately, a novel green coffee bean extract has been shown to suppress deadly blood sugar “spikes.” Human trials found that it produced a 24% drop in after-meal blood glucose in just 30 minutes and an average reduction of 32% after two hours!

Multiple Anti-Aging Benefits of Pycnogenol®

Multiple Anti-Aging Benefits of Pycnogenol®

An extract from the French Maritime pine tree has been shown in laboratory results to produce significant improvements in skin elasticity, blood glucose, cellular function, and capillary health.

Activate Signaling Pathways To Reverse Cellular Aging

Activate Signaling Pathways To Reverse Cellular Aging

PQQ has been found to activate vital cell-signaling pathways involved in creating new mitochondria, improving cellular metabolism, protecting neurons, and repairing DNA damage.

Delay Aging With Nutrient “Cocktail”

Delay Aging With Nutrient Cocktail

An international research team has formulated a 30-nutrient “cocktail” in a quest to halt aging. The scientists documented increases in longevity and marked protection against pathological aging processes in response to this 30-nutrient cocktail.


Magnesium Reverses Synaptic Decay

Magnesium Reverses Synaptic DecayLife Extension® members already take nutrients to reduce their risk of senility. A highly absorbable form of magnesium has been shown to increase synaptic density—thus blunting brain degeneration.

Danger of Excessive Vitamin D Intake

Danger of Excessive Vitamin D IntakeExtensive research has proven the benefits of higher-dose vitamin D supplementation. But one study showed that excessive levels of vitamin D may increase the risk of atrial fibrillation. Blood testing is essential to achieve optimal levels of this critically important vitamin.

The Testosterone Debate

The Testosterone DebateExcess abdominal fat, loss of insulin sensitivity, and atherosclerosis are associated with low levels of testosterone. This analysis looks at the testosterone controversy and why it is crucial for aging men to find out their testosterone and estrogen blood levels.

Metformin: The Overlooked Cancer Drug

Metformin: The Overlooked Cancer DrugThe anti-cancer properties of metformin have been extensively documented by scientists. Yet legal restrictions prevent manufacturers from promoting metformin to healthy people who want to lower their risk of cancer, vascular occlusion, and obesity.

Victory Against FDA Censorship Of Health Claims

Victory Against FDA Censorship Of Health ClaimsIn a First Amendment case, a federal judge has ruled that the FDA cannot censor health claims about
green tea and cancer prevention. This is a landmark victory for individuals who want to learn about validated methods of slashing disease risks.