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An Offshore Solution To Common Medical Problems

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The Japanese have developed a special "sugar" that has two unique properties:

  1. It is not digested by humans digestive juices
  2. It causes the proliferation of the beneficial bacteria that contribute to the maintenance of a healthy intestinal lining.

The Japanese use this special "sugar" in more than 450 different food products including soft drinks, cookies, cereals and candies. The market in Japan for this special "sugar" is excepted to exceed five billion dollars this year.

This special "sugar" feeds the friendly bacteria in the gut enabling them to reproduce rapidly and overwhelm fungi, yeast and toxic bacteria.

Toxic bacteria induce putrefied fermentation in the colon that results in the formation of the liver toxin ammonia, and known carcinogens such as nitrosoamines, secondary bile acids, altered estrogens, and numerous other cancer causing metabolites.

Since 40-55% of fecal volume is comprised of bacterial mass, the amount of toxic carcinogenic metabolites formed by colonic fermentation cannot be ignored. The toxic bacteria E. coli and clostridia are known to participate in the fermentation (production) of carcinogenic fecal metabolites.

By overwhelming these putrifying bacteria with friendly bacterial flora, specifically bifidobacteria, a significant reduction in the production of toxic metabolites occurs.

Aging results in a reduction in bifidobacteria, causing an increase in the amount of toxic, carcinogenic metabolites fermented in the colon. This reduction in bifidobacteria has been postulated to contribute to the diseases of aging, i.e. immune dysfunction leading to cancer and serious infection and autoimmune disease leading to arthritis, fibromyalgia, diabetes, etc.

Mental stress has been shown to decrease bifidobacteria, leading to many of the stress-induced illnesses attributed to modern life.

Animal studies show that a detrimental bacterial flora leads to liver cancer and early death.

Human studies document an increase in beneficial bifidobacteria and a decrease in toxic bacterial levels when this special "sugar" is ingested.

Bifidobacteria prevents the growth of harmful bacteria through the production of lactic and acetic acid, which inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria E. coli, Clostridia, Salmonella (food poisoning).

Shigella (dysentery), Staphylococcus (staph infection), and a host of other bacteria that are potentially lethal to an immune compromised individual.

The ingestion of 3-6 grams a day of this special "sugar" reduced the levels of toxic compounds in human feces by 4O-44% in just three weeks! It is a well documented fact that breast-fed infants are healthier than those fed by formula, This may be partly attributable to the fact that breast feeding results in 99% bifidobacterial levels compared to levels of less than 50% when given formula.

Older human studies have shown that the ingestion of this special "sugar" improved overall bowel function, including a reduction in constipation, by stimulating healthy intestinal peristalsis.

The reduction in toxic liver metabolites observed after ingesting the "sugar" caused significant improvement in liver functions in humans suffering from either severe cirrhosis or hepatitis.

Taking 6-12 grams of the "sugar" produced a reduction in total serum cholesterol levels of 20-50 points after only three weeks. This dramatic drop in serum cholesterol is attributed to the bifidobacteria assimilating cholesterol secreted into the small intestine before it is reabsorbed into the bloodstream, as well as inhibiting the assimilation of cholesterol through the intestinal wall.

The administration of 11.5 grams of the "sugar" caused significant reduction in blood pressure in hypertension patients after five weeks. The higher the level of fecal bifidobacteria, the more significant the reduction in blood pressure.

Bifidobacteria produce vitamins B-l, B-2, 8-3, B-6 8-12 and folic acid!

What is this special "Sugar"?

The technical name for this special Japanese sugar is fructose-oliogasaccharides (FOS). The trademark name for the finest brand of FOS is NURTAFLORA.

The minimum effective dose is just one gram a day. The chart below shows the increase in fecal bifidobacteria levels after only four weeks of taking on gram of NUTRAFLORA:


As you can see, there is a five fold increase in the levels of beneficial fecal bifidobacteria levels, when just one gram a day of NUTRAFLORA is consumed.

. NUTRAFLORA is the food for bifidobacteria, which promotes hyperproliferation of this lifesaving intestinal bacteria.

If you want to load up on bifidobacteriaand other friendly digestive flora, we have obtained the highest quality bifidobacteria supplement that provides two billion per capsule.