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Life Extension Magazine

LE Magazine January 1996

How To Prevent Breast Cancer

In 1971 when President Richard Nixon declared "war on cancer" the chance of a woman getting breast cancer over her lifetime was 1 in 20, which was up from 1 in 30 in 1960. Today--after hundreds of millions of dollars of research money spent fighting the disease--the odds are now a shocking 1 in 8. Every three minutes, a woman in the United States is diagnosed with breast cancer; every 12 minutes a woman dies from it.

Wife Died From Breast Cancer According to the American Cancer Society, more than 180,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in the coming year, and about 46,000 women will die from it. Breast cancer has become the second largest cause of cancer deaths in women (next to lung cancer), and the leading cause of death for women between 35 and 54. Ever since the "war on cancer" was declared, more women have died of breast cancer than the total number of Americans who lost their lives in World War I & II, the Korean war, and the Vietnam war combined!

The Campaign For Earlier Diagnosis Of Breast Cancer

The escalating breast cancer rate (1.8% per year since 1973) has occurred in spite of major efforts in the past 24 years by the government and the American Cancer Society to convince women to go in for regular mammograms and to perform more frequent self breast examinations. The purpose of this massive propaganda campaign has been to promote the early diagnosis of breast cancer in an effort to increase the odds of curing the disease.

Breast Examination The result of this campaign has been a substantial increase in the use of mammography. Only a small decrease in mortality from breast cancer has been observed, which has been insufficient to stem the tide of the increasing incidence of the disease. It is responsible for killing middle-aged women at an unprecedented rate, and striking terror into the hearts of women of all ages!

The problem with early diagnosis as a means of preventing breast cancer is that even "early" diagnosis may often be too late. By the time most breast tumors are found through mammography, they are already teeming with a hundred billion cancer cells after 8-10 years of development. Moreover, in about 50% of cases, metastasis has already occurred by the time the tumor is detected.

The Failure Of The Medical Establishment

In the face of the vast, rapidly-growing number of women who have been mutilated, made ill, and died as a result of the breast cancer epidemic tens of millions of women who live in abject terror that they may soon become victims of this horrific disease. The behavior of the medical establishment has been pitiful and absolutely appalling!

In spite of new and exciting alternatives for the treatment of breast cancer, the establishment has refused to budge from its exclusive use of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy to treat women with breast cancer. Although these modalities cause severe pain, disfigurement, and terrible illness with only a modest "cure" rate, very few oncologists have even considered the use of alternative immune-system-boosting cancer therapies. Even more shocking, however, has been the failure of the establishment to consider the prevention of breast cancer, which is a far better alternative than any type of treatment. This utter abdication of moral and medical responsibility has come in the face of a vast and rapidly growing body of scientific evidence that every woman can reduce her risk of breast cancer significantly! At the Life Extension Foundation, we never give up on any of our members, no matter how sick or close to death they may be. We've presented vital, Potentially lifesaving Information about innovative new treatments for cancer (including breast cancer) in past issues of Life Extension Magazine, and we will continue to do so in the future. In this issue of the magazine, however, we focus on the critical issue of preventing breast cancer. The Information and advice in this article has been derived in part from a new book on the subject: How To Prevent Breast Cancer by Ross Pelton, Ph.D., Taffy Clarke Pelton, M.A., and Vinton C. Vint M.D.