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Join Today to Access Life-Saving Therapies

Join Today to Access Life-Saving Therapies

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The Life Extension Foundation exists to provide its members with information and access to things they need to stay younger and healthier longer. Join the Life Extension Foundation for as little as $4.95 a month.

Your membership fee will help fund ongoing research on cures for the diseases of aging ... and eventually for aging itself. This small investment today will help you enjoy many more tomorrows. It will also provide you with these important member benefits. (View Member Benefits Comparison Chart)


Membership Benefits

  • 25%–50% Savings on over 350 science-based, premium-quality Life Extension supplements (vitamins, minerals, hormones, weight loss and nutritional supplements, even skin care). All formulated to help you stay younger and healthier longer.
  • Monthly issue of Life Extension Magazine® filled with global medical research results, scientific reports, and cutting-edge health information.
  • Phone access to an integrative team of Health Advisors (naturopaths, nutritionists, nurses, personal trainers) every day of the year … to address your health concerns, answer product questions, and help you customize a personal regimen of diet, exercise and nutritional supplements.
  • Huge savings on individual blood tests and comprehensive blood panels through our unique mail-order blood test service. These essential diagnostic tools will help you head off vitamin deficiencies and health problems, and determine more accurate dosing on supplements.
  • Disease Prevention and Treatment book ($49.95 cover price) accompanies an annual membership. This 1,666-page reference guide presents cutting-edge prevention and treatment protocols for 133 different diseases of aging. (Available to monthly members at an additional cost.)
  • Life Extension Product Directory accompanies an annual membership. This comprehensive guide details the full range of Life Extension supplements … and includes the “Top 10 Steps to Achieving Ultimate Health,” research initiatives to conquer aging, and other essential health information. (Available to monthly members on request.)
  • Product Credit up to $300 accompanies the renewal of an annual membership … and can be used toward the purchase of any Life Extension supplements. (Not available to monthly members.)
  • Discounts on prescription drugs through the full-service Life Extension Pharmacy®, which even offers compounding for bioidentical hormones.
  • The opportunity to participate in groundbreaking Clinical Research and receive FREE blood tests and supplements.

The cost of annual membership is $75 for U.S. members, $82 for Canadian members, and $110 for international members. The cost of a monthly membership is $4.95. Available in the U.S., Canada and other International countries NOT serviced by our distributors.

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