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93-Year-Old Shares Message of Health, Longevity

Sentinel, The (Carlisle, PA)


Jan. 06--NEWVILLE -- Evelyn Stier walked in the very first Turkey Trot in Carlisle about 11 years ago. She was in her 80s at the time.

This past Thanksgiving, the 93-year-old walked with her family in the event. Their group brought up the rear of the trot, walking the 3.1 mile-route at a relaxed pace of one hour and 13 minutes.

"The whole family went," she said. "Even the little kids. I thought it would be great, that's all -- get out and get some exercise and go with the family. We were coming in last, and behind us, all the way was a red ambulance. I kept saying 'Oooh I gotta keep going, these guys are following me.' ... And I had no aches and pains after it, no leg cramps, no nothing."

The part-time Newville resident flies slightly south from her permanent residence in Milford for the winter. She lives with her niece, Jill Davis, from November until April each year to avoid the possibility of falling on ice and not having someone around to help her.

"There are people that say to me, 'It's very nice that your aunt is here so you can take care of her,'" Davis said. "And I say to them 'Obviously, you don't know my aunt.' Because my aunt does not need me to take care of her, the reason she comes here is because ... it gets very icy (on her driveway)."

Stier, who has become known as "Aunt Ev," is well-known to a number of students at Big Spring High School, where Davis is an English teacher. Stier spends her free time in Newville reading, knitting, cooking and attending wrestling matches at Big Spring High School. She even continues to drive herself around.

"I just keep on living and doing," she said. "It just comes naturally to me to go out and do (things). (At my age people think) you're supposed to be crippled and hunched over and walking with two canes."

The peppy senior credits her lifestyle as the reason she has stayed healthy in old age. Of her six siblings, she is the only one still alive and she only recently got hearing aids. She said she takes vitamins every day and that the doctors don't have her on any medications. Stier wakes up every day at 4 or 4:30 a.m., takes a small nap in the middle of the day and goes to bed at 8 p.m.

Stier said she continues to move and be independent, which she said she believes helps her to remain so healthy. She takes walks around Davis' driveway to keep active. At her house in Milford, she does everything except mow the lawn, because her family won't let her, she said.

"I come from a family of long-livers," Stier said. "It always amazing me when I go shopping to the stores, people younger than myself are sitting in these carts, driving around and I think 'Good God, get out and walk a little bit.'"

When it comes to longevity, Stier recommends that anyone who wants to live a long life takes care of themselves and keep moving.

"It's just living every day," she said. "I'm just living the way I lived when I was 50 -- keep on living, that's all."


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