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January 2004
Vegetable compounds may go beyond prevention (01/06/2004)
Vitamin D supplements associated with lower risk of multiple sclerosis (01/13/2004)
Vitamin C and E supplement use associated with reduced Alzheimer's disease risk (01/20/2004)
Antioxidant intake associated with maintenance of physical strength in older individuals (01/27/2004)
February 2004
C-reactive protein predicts colon cancer risk (02/03/2004)
Carotenoids may protect against early atherosclerosis (02/10/2004)
More on Alzheimer's Oxidative stress-induced fat abnormalities found in Alzheimer's disease (02/17/2004)
Fruit and grain fiber lower heart disease risk (02/24/2004)
March 2004
Heme iron raises, zinc lowers colon cancer risk (03/02/2004)
Estrogen-only trial halted (03/04/2004)
Folic acid fortification prevents much more than neural tube defects (03/09/2004)
JAMA study finds half of current U.S. deaths have preventable causes (03/11/2004)
Prenatal choline supplements super-charge young brains (03/15/2004)
Prevailing menopause dogma questioned (03/18/2004)
Calorie restriction started at any age may prolong life (03/22/2004)
New Alzheimer’s disease hypothesis (03/25/2004)
Soy metabolite could halt male pattern baldness and prostate cancer (03/29/2004)
April 2004
Green tea compound kills leukemia cells (04/01/2004)
Many who have greater need of supplements are least likely to use them (04/05/2004)
Lutein treats as well as prevents age-related macular degeneration (04/08/2004)
World’s oldest living mouse celebrates fourth birthday (04/12/2004)
Vitamin C supplements lower C-reactive protein levels (04/15/2004)
Better than testosterone? (04/19/2004)
DHEA helps improve immune function (04/22/2004)
Taurine supplements lower oxidative stress and improve heart function in iron-overloaded mice (04/26/2004)
Coenzyme Q10 helps prevent migraine (04/29/2004)
May 2004
JAMA meta-analysis finds vitamin D supplements help prevent falls (05/03/2004)
NCI-funded study finds higher selenium levels associated with reduced risk of advanced prostate cancer (05/06/2004)
Eye disorders linked with shorter lifespan, zinc improves survival (05/10/2004)
Soy extract may help prevent colon cancer (05/13/2004)
Omega-3 fatty acids from fish or fish oil supplements reduce mortality from all causes (05/17/2004)
Zinc boosts antibiotic treatment of pneumonia in children (05/20/2004)
Exercise plus nutritional supplements boost nitric oxide to protect against cardiovascular disease (05/24/2004)
Aspirin use associated with decrease in hormone positive breast cancer risk (05/27/2004)
June 2004
"Normal" PSA can be misleading (06/01/2004)
Calorie restriction molecular mechanism found (06/03/2004)
Vitamin C deficiency common in the U.S. (06/07/2004)
Vitamin C may offer protection against rheumatoid arthritis (06/10/2004)
Nuclear radiation exposure significantly increases thyroid cancer incidence (06/14/2004)
Low DHEA sulfate, not testosterone, associated with low libido in women under 45 (06/18/2004)
Calcium supplements associated with lower risk of advanced colon polyps (06/21/2004)
Estrogen replacement therapy fails to protect against dementia, may lower cognitive function (06/24/2004)
Low folate ups cognitive impairment and dementia risk (06/28/2004)
July 2004
Multivitamins delay HIV progression and death (07/01/2004)
More on calcium and colorectal cancer: Meta-analysis finds increased calcium intake associated with lower colorectal cancer risk (07/12/2004)
Niacin may help protect against cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease (07/15/2004)
Higher maternal DHA levels improve attentional development in infants (07/19/2004)
Vitamin K helps protect cirrhosis patients from developing liver cancer (07/22/2004)
Undiagnosed osteoporosis widespread (07/26/2004)
Resveratrol works on roundworms and fruit flies, too (07/29/2004)
August 2004
Soy protein improves kidney function in diabetic men (08/02/2004)
Cancer-inflammation link found (08/05/2004)
DHEA improves stress response (08/10/2004)
Selegiline may be one of the best treatments for early Parkinson’s disease (08/12/2004)
Protein involved in longevity also slows nerve degeneration (08/16/2004)
Maintaining optimal zinc levels may help prevent retinal neurodegeneration (08/19/2004)
Creatine may be helpful for people with chronic fatigue syndrome (08/23/2004)
Coenzyme Q10 enhances vitamin E’s reduction of inflammatory marker in primates (08/26/2004)
Meta-analysis finds soy isoflavones lower LDL cholesterol (08/30/2004)
September 2004
Study finds DHA important for Alzheimer’s patients (09/02/2004)
Vegetables, supplements lower ovarian cancer risk (09/07/2004)
Four supplements help protect against middle-aged weight gain (09/09/2004)
Colon cancer answer (09/13/2004)
Low chromium levels associated with diabetes and heart disease in men (09/16/2004)
Gerontologist Caleb Finch links life span improvements with reduced inflammation (09/20/2004)
Mediterranean diet plus healthy lifestyle factors cuts death rate in older individuals (09/23/2004)
Study finds supplement use could save US billions (09/27/2004)
Vitamin E boosts lycopene’s inhibition of prostate tumor growth (09/30/2004)
October 2004
Study estimates over half of women with osteoporosis are vitamin D deficient (10/04/2004)
Women who have fewer cardiovascular risk factors early in life live longer (10/07/2004)
Increased folate lowers blood pressure in women (10/11/2004)
Iron imbalance associated with Parkinson’s disease (10/14/2004)
Vegetables and fruit, selenium and zinc lower risk of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (10/18/2004)
Carnitine improves Viagra’s potency in diabetics (10/21/2004)
Calorie restriction prevents some age-related brain changes (10/25/2004)
Resveratrol’s broad anti-inflammatory action identified as treatment for lung and other disorders (10/28/2004)
November 2004
DASH diet benefits may be due to phytonutrients (11/01/2004)
Vitamin E may be helpful in Alzheimer’s disease prevention (11/04/2004)
Calcium from supplements offers best protection against colorectal tumors (11/08/2004)
Adding psyllium seed as effective as doubling up on simvastatin (11/11/2004)
Hypothermia and coQ10 improve cardiac arrest survival (11/15/2004)
M D Anderson Cancer Center predicts cancer prevention cocktail (11/18/2004)
New study finds vitamin E supplements reduce heart attacks and heart disease deaths in diabetics (11/22/2004)
Quercetin could lower Alzheimer’s and other disease risk (11/25/2004)
Stress influences aging factors (11/29/2004)
December 2004
Tea polyphenols’ mechanism for halting prostate tumor growth and metastasis revealed (12/02/2004)
Deficient diets blamed for Central and Eastern European heart disease epidemic (12/06/2004)
More benefits for resveratrol (12/09/2004)
Calorie restriction protects primates from Parkinson’s disease (12/13/2004)
Gamma-tocopherol inhibits lung and prostate cancer growth in vitro (12/16/2004)
Acetyl-L-carnitine improves diabetic neuropathy (12/30/2004)