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January 2005
Killer moods (01/03/2005)
Higher magnesium intake may protect against colorectal cancer (01/06/2005)
High catechin tea reduces body fat and LDL oxidation in men (01/10/2005)
Study finds blood sugar levels linked to cancer and death risk (01/13/2005)
Old dogs learn new tricks (01/18/2005)
Calorie restriction delays age-related skin changes in rats (01/20/2005)
Meta-analysis confirms fiber supplementation helps reduce blood pressure (01/24/2005)
Green tea utilizes fat to increase endurance (01/27/2005)
Bromelain reduces asthma in mice (01/31/2005)
February 2005
Study finds fish oil supplements safer than eating fish (02/03/2005)
Lower risk of disability with greater fruit, vegetable and dairy intake (02/07/2005)
Vitamin B12 level good indicator of bone health (02/10/2005)
Healthy hormone levels lower cholesterol (02/14/2005)
Probiotic therapy decreases inflammation in patients with ulcerative colitis (02/17/2005)
High blood vitamin D levels reduce risk of prostate cancer (02/21/2005)
CoQ10 and vitamin E combo improves learning in old animals (02/24/2005)
Half of dialysis patients fail to receive life-saving vitamin (02/28/2005)
March 2005
U.S. life expectancy at all time high (again) (03/03/2005)
Mild cognitive impairment not a normal part of aging (03/07/2005)
High dietary lycopene associated with lower risk of pancreatic cancer (03/10/2005)
Study finds inflammation doubles women’s cardiovascular deaths (03/14/2005)
High cholesterol levels increase prostate tumor growth (03/17/2005)
More on DHA and Alzheimer’s disease (03/24/2005)
Abdominal fat may increase heart disease risk by promoting inflammation (03/28/2005)
American Cancer Society 2005 report estimates half of cancer deaths preventable (03/31/2005)
April 2005
Zinc supplements improve adolescents’ mental performance (04/04/2005)
Supplement lowers need for ulcerative colitis drugs (04/07/2005)
Natural antioxidants protect brain from stroke damage (04/12/2005)
Rapid vitamin E loss in smokers may contribute to increased cancer incidence (04/15/2005)
Long term calcium supplement use equals long term protection (04/18/2005)
Clinical trial finds green tea catechins prevent prostate cancer in high risk men (04/21/2005)
AMA journal concludes few Americans follow healthy lifestyle (04/26/2005)
Ginkgo improves attention in MS patients (04/30/2005)
May 2005
Melatonin effective as breast cancer preventive and treatment in animals (05/03/2005)
More evidence for free radical theory of aging (05/07/2005)
In with the new, out with the old (fat) (05/10/2005)
Homocysteine contributes to inflammatory bowel disease (05/14/2005)
Researchers find green tea cancer prevention mechanism (05/17/2005)
Vitamin E rich diets associated with lower Parkinson’s disease risk (05/21/2005)
High doses of supplemental vitamin B12 needed to correct deficiency (05/24/2005)
Weight gain associated with aging marker (05/28/2005)
Calorie quality more important than quantity? (05/31/2005)
June 2005
Further evidence linking greater vitamin B6 intake with colorectal cancer protection (06/04/2005)
Vitamin B12 emerges as strong determinant of homocysteine levels (06/07/2005)
Melatonin helps protects kidneys from high frequency mobile phone radiation damage (06/11/2005)
Magnesium deficiency increases risk of CRP elevation (06/14/2005)
Alzheimer’s-inflammation link strengthened (06/21/2005)
Multinutrient supplement extends lifespan in mouse model of aging (06/25/2005)
Total antioxidant capacity of diet inversely related to inflammatory marker (06/28/2005)
July 2005
Supplement use associated with positive health status and health-related behaviors (07/02/2005)
Diabetes, obesity seen as accelerated aging (07/05/2005)
Normal blood pressure at age 50 means more life ahead (07/09/2005)
U.S. tops the world in health care spending (07/12/2005)
Higher urinary melatonin level associated with lower risk of breast cancer (07/20/2005)
Scientists demonstrate inflammation’s effect on glucose levels (07/26/2005)
Grape supplement improves women’s cardiovascular risk factors (07/30/2005)
August 2005
Oxidative stress implicated in allergy and asthma (08/02/2005)
Higher levels of DHEA sulfate associated with reduced carotid atherosclerosis (08/06/2005)
Vitamin E reduces abdominal aortic aneurysm in mice (08/09/2005)
Folic acid may be most important nutrient to reduce Alzheimer's risk (08/13/2005)
Inflammation linked with cerebral small-vessel disease (08/16/2005)
Total body fat inversely related to vitamin D levels (08/20/2005)
Vitamin E inhibits breast cancer cell growth (08/23/2005)
Mayo Clinic study finds lung cancer patients who take vitamin supplements experience improved survival and quality of life (08/27/2005)
Probiotic plus vitamin/mineral supplement reduces upper respiratory tract infection incidence and symptoms (08/30/2005)
September 2005
High dose vitamin E supplementation extends median and maximum lifespan in mouse study (09/03/2005)
Vitamin D drug plus NSAID suppresses prostate cancer cell growth (09/06/2005)
First ever meta-analysis of melatonin’s effect on cancer patients indicates improved survival (09/10/2005)
Folate deficiency linked with increased risk of cervical dysplasia (09/13/2005)
Defect in tumor suppressor gene leaves prostate cells susceptible to oxidative damage and cancer (09/17/2005)
Cruciferous vegetable compounds halt experimental lung cancer progression (09/20/2005)
Johns Hopkins authors issue guidelines for raising HDL (09/24/2005)
Meta-analysis finds fish oil reduces heart rate (09/27/2005)
October 2005
“What We Eat in America” - and what we don't (10/01/2005)
Plant compounds could prevent joint inflammation (10/04/2005)
European survey finds higher carotene levels associated with lower 10 year all-cause mortality (10/08/2005)
CoQ10 protects heart from age-related oxidative stress (10/11/2005)
Curcumin helps prevent breast cancer metastasis in mice (10/15/2005)
Alpha-tocotrienol protects against stroke damage (10/18/2005)
More sleep reduces breast cancer risk (10/22/2005)
Ginseng helps prevent common cold (10/25/2005)
November 2005
VISP trial revisited (11/01/2005)
Resveratrol lowers peptide associated with Alzheimer’s disease (11/05/2005)
Fish oil helps prevent arrhythmias in patients with defibrillators (11/08/2005)
Study concludes omega-3, lutein/zeaxanthin supplement use could help seniors maintain independence, save billions (11/12/2005)
Forskolin may suppress leukemia progression (11/15/2005)
More than a third of global cancer deaths caused by modifiable factors (11/19/2005)
Resveratrol fights multiple myeloma (11/22/2005)
Glucosamine could have potential in fight against MS (11/29/2005)
December 2005
Study sheds light on how exercise reduces breast cancer risk (12/03/2005)
Coffee and tea protect against chronic liver disease (12/06/2005)
Long term nutrient supplementation improves heart function and quality of life in chronic heart failure patients (12/10/2005)
Vitamin D levels a factor in healthy lung function (12/13/2005)
High dose coQ10 safe and well tolerated (12/17/2005)
Findings support contribution of oxidative stress to brain aging (12/20/2005)
Review finds vitamin D could prevent significant number of cancers (12/30/2005)