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Life Extension Update

January 2007
Reduced selenium status linked with cognitive decline (01/06/2007)
Increased folic acid intake linked with lower Alzheimer's disease risk (01/09/2007)
Calcium and vitamin D supplementation improve weight loss effect on lipids (01/13/2007)
Broccoli-tomato combo reduces prostate tumors (01/16/2007)
Cancer deaths down again (01/23/2007)
Selenium supplementation may suppress HIV progression (01/26/2007)
Magnesium levels are reduced in diabetic minorities (01/30/2007)
February 2007
New obesity weapon to be tested (02/02/2007)
New meta-analyses point to strong colorectal and breast cancer preventive benefit for vitamin D (02/06/2007)
Vegetables, beta-carotene, vitamin C associated with reduced risk of BPH (02/09/2007)
Quercetin prevents viral illness (02/13/2007)
Higher vitamin A intake cuts stomach cancer risk by half (02/16/2007)
Alternate day calorie restriction improves asthma-related symptoms (02/20/2007)
Vitamin D supplements reduce falls in older adults (02/23/2007)
Plant-sourced food, vitamin intake associated with lower risk of endometrial cancer (02/27/2007)
March 2007
Drug/tea combo reduces prostate cancer growth (03/02/2007)
Calorie restriction mechanism proposed (03/06/2007)
Greater intake of some flavonoids linked with reduced cardiovascular and all cause mortality among women over a 16 year period (03/09/2007)
Choose your parents well (03/13/2007)
Zinc supplements reduce childhood mortality (03/16/2007)
Americans still don't get it (03/20/2007)
NIH to try creatine in Parkinson’s disease (03/23/2007)
Aspirin use associated with reduction in women’s deaths from any cause over 24 year period (03/27/2007)
Nutrient combo helps prevent hearing loss (03/30/2007)
April 2007
Better late than never (04/03/2007)
Multivitamins reduce the risk of delivering low weight children (04/06/2007)
Forskolin reduces urinary tract infections (04/10/2007)
Pomegranate extract slows lung tumor growth (04/13/2007)
Greater flavonol intake associated with reduced pancreatic cancer risk (04/17/2007)
Green tea may be protective against Sjögren’s syndrome (04/20/2007)
Flavonoid compound kills leukemia cells (04/24/2007)
Large study finds aspirin use associated with reduced risk of dying from cancer (04/27/2007)
May 2007
Green tea compound may reduce inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis (05/01/2007)
Got nicotinamide riboside? (05/04/2007)
Supplement use could save U.S. $24 billion (05/08/2007)
Topical nutrients improve common skin complaint (05/11/2007)
N-acetyl-glucosamine suppresses autoimmune attack (05/15/2007)
CoQ10 treatment improves statin-induced myopathy (05/18/2007)
Majority of Americans fail to meet calcium requirements (05/22/2007)
Choline "adequate intake" level could be inadequate for some (05/25/2007)
June 2007
Life Extension Foundation sponsors highly promising breast cancer trial (06/01/2007)
Long-lived plant yields longevity compound (06/05/2007)
Risk factor reduction and medical/surgical treatment cut heart disease deaths in half (06/08/2007)
Vitamin D and calcium reduce cancer risk in clinical trial (06/12/2007)
Greater omega-3 fatty acid intake associated with lower blood pressure (06/15/2007)
Diabetes lowers life expectancy by seven to eight years (06/19/2007)
Reduced plasma vitamin C levels linked with greater body mass index and waist circumference (06/22/2007)
Omega-3 fatty acids help prevent retinopathy (06/26/2007)
Meta-analysis finds echinacea effective for cold prevention and treatment (06/29/2007)
July 2007
Pomegranate juice improves ED symptoms (07/03/2007)
Cocoa polyphenols reduce blood pressure (07/06/2007)
Inadequate vitamin D levels prevalent among “healthy” children (07/10/2007)
Canadian folic acid fortification cuts neural-tube defects by nearly half (07/13/2007)
Probiotics help prevent antibiotic-associated diarrhea (07/17/2007)
New England Journal of Medicine review concludes vitamin D deficiency is common yet preventable (07/20/2007)
Broccoli and cauliflower reduce aggressive prostate cancer risk (07/27/2007)
Diet and exercise work (here's how) (07/31/2007)
August 2007
Low LDL cholesterol associated with increased cancer risk (08/03/2007)
Nutritional supplement users better nourished and informed (08/07/2007)
Better utilization of preventive services could save over 100,000 US lives per year (08/10/2007)
Study is first to show that green tea catechins detoxify cancerous compounds (08/14/2007)
Usual suspects rounded up in colon cancer recurrence (08/17/2007)
Pectin triggers self-destruction of prostate cancer cells (08/21/2007)
Higher vitamin D levels could prevent 600,000 cases of breast and colorectal cancer annually (08/24/2007)
Meta-analysis confirms calcium supplements reduce fracture risk (08/28/2007)
Mayo Clinic trial finds flaxseed reduces hot flashes (08/31/2007)
September 2007
Resveratrol reduces prostate cancer growth in mice (09/04/2007)
EPA increases adiponectin in animals and humans (09/07/2007)
AMA journal meta-analysis finds vitamin D supplements linked with reduced risk of dying over a six year period (09/11/2007)
Vitamin C works against cancer (but maybe not the way you thought) (09/14/2007)
Vitamin E supplementation helps prevent venous thromboembolism (09/18/2007)
The mitochondrial oasis (09/21/2007)
October 2007
Increased omega-3 fatty acid intake lowers type 1 diabetes risk (10/02/2007)
Creatine, CLA improve muscle strength and lower body fat in exercising seniors (10/05/2007)
Folic acid supplementation helps reduce arsenic levels (10/09/2007)
Red wine, resveratrol protect against food-borne illness (10/12/2007)
Drinking green tea associated with reduced risk of advanced prostate cancer (10/16/2007)
Vitamin D likely responsible for decreased risk of advanced breast cancer in women with greater sun exposure (10/19/2007)
Maintaining normal zinc levels helps protect against pneumonia (10/23/2007)
Animals on calorie restricted diets stay fit longer (10/26/2007)
DHEA helps prevent oxidative stress and AGE formation in diabetics (10/30/2007)
November 2007
Rosemary helps protect the brain (11/02/2007)
Inositol protects DNA from radiation (11/06/2007)
Higher vitamin D levels linked to reduced telomere shortening (11/09/2007)
Beta-carotene supplementation associated with reduced cognitive decline (11/13/2007)
Experimental research finds silibinin reduces the growth of liver cancer (11/16/2007)
Phosphatidylserine shows promise for ulcerative colitis treatment (11/20/2007)
High omega-3 fatty acid diet may lower Parkinson’s disease risk (11/27/2007)
Studies find supplement users tend to weigh less and experience less hunger (11/30/2007)
December 2007
Low testosterone levels in men associated with greater mortality from all causes over seven year follow-up period (12/04/2007)
Rhodiola extends fruit fly life span (12/07/2007)
L-carnitine reduces physical and mental fatigue, improves cognitive function in centenarians (12/11/2007)
Green tea may protect the brain in Parkinson’s disease (12/14/2007)
It’s never too late (12/18/2007)
Wake up and smell the coffee (12/21/2007)