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Life Extension Update

January 2008

Clinical trial to test vitamin C against non-Hodgkin lymphoma (01/04/2008)
Framingham researchers find heart disease linked to vitamin D deficiency (01/08/2008)
High vitamin C levels associated with reduced risk of stroke (01/11/2008)
Lutein, zeaxanthin, vitamin E show protective association against cataract (01/15/2008)
Lipoic acid supplementation may reduce atherosclerosis and weight gain (01/18/2008)
Reduced serum vitamin E predicts physical decline in older individuals (01/22/2008)
Would you like metabolic syndrome with that? (01/25/2008)
Physical activity confers biological youth via delayed telomere shortening (01/29/2008)

February 2008

Zinc may protect against cadmium-induced rises in PSA (02/01/2008)
Declining folate levels linked with dementia (02/05/2008)
Reduced choline and betaine levels correlate with higher levels of inflammation (02/08/2008)
What to avoid if you want to make it to 90 (02/12/2008)
Heart-smart diet may also help maintain a healthy prostate (02/15/2008)
N-acetylcysteine helps protect kidneys from contrast agents used during imaging scans (02/22/2008)
Meta-analyses find soy isoflavones prevent bone resorption, stimulate bone formation and increase bone mineral density in menopausal women (02/26/2008)
Rats find “expensive urine” pays off (02/29/2008)

March 2008

Dual rodent studies suggest curcumin may help prevent heart failure (03/04/2008)
Alpha and gamma-tocopherol reduce oxidative stress and inflammation markers in metabolic syndrome patients (03/07/2008)
Magnesium associated with protection from stroke in male smokers (03/11/2008)
Genistein prevents prostate cancer metastasis in animal model (03/14/2008)
Tea: anti-bioterrorism weapon (03/18/2008)
Fathers-to-be need folate too (03/21/2008)
Just one cup of green tea per day cuts ovarian cancer risk in half (03/25/2008)
High dose folate may protect against damage caused by heart attack (03/28/2008)

April 2008

Cod liver oil supplements reduce rheumatoid arthritis drug requirement (04/01/2008)
Increased dietary choline may help reduce breast cancer risk (04/04/2008)
Green tea compound reduces breast cancer growth in animal model (04/08/2008)
Magnesium deficiency linked with cellular aging (04/11/2008)
Clinical trials find calcium/vitamin D may reduce colon cancer risk (04/15/2008)
Rebuttal to allegation that certain vitamins may shorten lifespan (04/18/2008)
Vitamin E supplementation associated with increased survival of Alzheimer’s disease patients (04/22/2008)
Vitamin D helps relieve pain among diabetic patients with neuropathy (04/25/2008)
Stress fractures reduced by calcium and vitamin D supplementation (04/29/2008)

May 2008

Daily aspirin reduces estrogen receptor positive breast cancer risk (05/2/2008)
Low vitamin D levels linked with depression (05/6/2008)
Vitamin D treatment in kidney disease cuts deaths by one-fourth (05/9/2008)
Greater flavonoid intake linked with lower risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma (05/13/2008)
Green tea may help protect the brain during sleep apnea (05/16/2008)
Calcium and magnesium reduce chemo side effects (05/20/2008)
Luteolin tames the flames (05/23/2008)
Cocoa flavanols improve blood vessel function in diabetics (05/30/2008)

June 2008

Flawed study seeks to discredit value of vitamin D in preventing prostate cancer (06/3/2008)
Low dose resveratrol gets to the heart of longevity (06/6/2008)
Reduced vitamin D levels associated with heart attack in men (06/10/2008)
Lifestyle changes alter gene expression in men with prostate cancer (06/20/2008)
Higher vitamin D levels associated with lower risk of dying from all causes over a 7 year period (06/24/2008)
Curcumin may offer protection against diabetes (06/27/2008)

July 2008

Some genetic defects treatable with supplements (07/01/2008)
Green tea improves endothelial function (07/04/2008)
Time to take on time (07/11/2008)
Brain food (07/15/2008)
Study finds high incidence of vitamin D insufficiency in women diagnosed with breast cancer (07/18/2008)
Wonder drugs may treat many conditions (07/22/2008)
Why stress is aging (07/25/2008)
High omega-3 diet of Japanese linked with significantly lower heart disease risk compared to Americans (07/29/2008)

August 2008

Higher plasma vitamin C levels linked with lower diabetes risk (08/01/2008)
High dose vitamin C injections slash tumor growth in mice (08/05/2008)
Common spices inhibit AGE (08/08/2008)
Large study links poor vitamin D status with greater risk of dying over 8 year period (08/12/2008)
Green tea extract improves glucose control in borderline diabetics (08/15/2008)
Disability rates may not increase with very old age (08/19/2008)
Five healthy practices dramatically reduce stroke risk in large study population (08/22/2008)
Vitamin D holds promise for MS prevention (08/26/2008)
Berries protect against carcinogen-induced gene changes (08/29/2008)

September 2008

This flu season, try quercetin (09/05/2008)
Low EPA levels increase mortality risk in older population (09/09/2008)
B12 may help prevent brain shrinkage (09/12/2008)
Lifestyle improvements enhance telomerase activity (09/16/2008)
Inactivity may be a greater factor in insulin resistance than aging (09/19/2008)
Supplemental vitamins C and E reduce post-heart attack deaths in diabetics (09/23/2008)
Protein restriction could be an alternative to calorie restriction in humans (09/26/2008)
Lower vitamin D levels predict increased blood sugar and insulin resistance (09/30/2008)

October 2008

Greater soy consumption associated with lower breast cancer risk in women (10/03/2008)
Drinking red wine associated with reduced lung cancer risk in male smokers (10/07/2008)
Review finds St John’s wort effective for major depressive symptoms (10/10/2008)
Parkinson’s disease patients likelier than healthy people to have insufficient vitamin D levels (10/14/2008)
Resveratrol prevents alcoholic fatty liver disease in mouse model (10/17/2008)
Western diet accountable for nearly a third of the world’s heart attack risk (10/21/2008)
Low plasma CoQ10 predicts mortality in heart failure patients (10/24/2008)
Reduced serum zinc levels predict death in patients at risk of cardiovascular events (10/28/2008)
Two new articles confirm numerous cardiovascular benefits for grape polyphenols (10/31/2008)

November 2008

Reduced antioxidant levels associated with silent atherosclerosis (11/04/2008)
B vitamin prevents memory loss in animal model of Alzheimer’s disease (11/07/2008)
Nutritional cocktail may prevent noise-induced hearing loss (11/11/2008)
Vitamin C supplementation lowers C-reactive protein levels (11/14/2008)
Magnesium and calcium both needed for colorectal cancer protection (11/18/2008)
More from the Frontiers in Cancer Prevention Research conference (11/21/2008)
Greater calcium intake correlated with lower body mass index (11/25/2008)

December 2008

Vitamin D deficiency: emerging cardiovascular disease risk factor (12/02/2008)
Vitamin E reduces inflammation in vivo (12/05/2008)
Clinical trial of vitamin B1 helps reverse early kidney disease in diabetics (12/09/2008)
Low vitamin D levels associated with weight gain in young women (12/13/2008)
Flaxseed reduces prostate tumor proliferation (12/16/2008)
Higher vitamin C levels associated with lower blood pressure in young women (12/19/2008)
Olive oil polyphenols may help reduce breast cancer risk (12/23/2008)
How broccoli protects against breast cancer (12/30/2008)