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Life Extension Update

January 2009
Green tea catechins improve exercise-induced abdominal fat loss (01/20/2009)
Cognitive impairment linked to low vitamin D levels (01/23/2009)
EPA helps relieve psychological distress in women (01/28/2009)
Higher vitamin E levels in smokers linked with reduced pancreatic cancer risk (01/30/2009)
February 2009
Younger men with ED may be at increased risk for heart disease (02/04/2009)
Arginine shows promise against obesity (02/06/2009)
Quercetin shown to help protect against colon cancer by reducing inflammation (02/11/2009)
Vitamin B12 helps prevent canker sores (02/13/2009)
Greater carotenoid intake linked with longer cancer-free survival in breast cancer patients (02/17/2009)
Mediterranean diet associated with reduction in women’s deaths from heart attack and stroke (02/20/2009)
Lower vitamin D levels associated with common cold (02/25/2009)
Higher calcium intake associated with lower digestive cancer risk (02/27/2009)
March 2009
Study finds nutritional supplement plus testosterone may help keep seniors out of the hospital (03/03/2009)
Compound in broccoli may help protect against asthma and other respiratory disease (03/06/2009)
Zinc from supplements associated with reduced risk of advanced prostate cancer (03/10/2009)
Greater vitamin C intake from food and supplements equals lower gout risk (03/13/2009)
Longer telomeres associated with multivitamin use (03/17/2009)
More from the Sister Study (03/20/2009)
Greater omega-3 fatty acid intake associated with decreased risk of advanced prostate cancer (03/24/2009)
Meta-analysis concludes vitamin D supplements help prevent fractures (03/27/2009)
Early soy consumption linked with reduced breast cancer risk (03/31/2009)
April 2009
Alpha-lipoic acid reduces triglycerides in animal model of obesity/diabetes (04/03/2009)
DHA reduces tumor growth (04/07/2009)
Broccoli sprouts fight ulcer bacteria (04/10/2009)
Inflammation reduced in those with higher vitamin D levels (04/14/2009)
Omega-3 fatty acid supplementation improves surgical recovery (04/17/2009)
Curcumin reduces adipose tissue formation in mice (04/21/2009)
Poor diet quality predicts all cause mortality in men over a 7 year period (04/24/2009)
Asthma severity in children associated with low vitamin D levels (04/28/2009)
May 2009
Estimated US deaths due to preventable factors approach 2 million per year (05/02/2009)
High folate levels could help prevent allergic reactions and reduce symptoms (05/05/2009)
White tea fights fat (05/08/2009)
More good fat, less bad, reduces age-related macular degeneration risk (05/12/2009)
DHEA improves bone density in women (05/15/2009)
Higher vitamin E levels predict improved prostate cancer survival (05/19/2009)
Higher vitamin D levels associated with speedier brain processing (05/22/2009)
Meta-analysis finds lower risk of stroke among tea drinkers (05/26/2009)
Mayo Clinic finds green tea extract fights leukemia (05/29/2009)
June 2009
New model of cancer development proposed (06/02/2009)
Greater adherence to positive dietary practices linked with reduced mortality over 10 year period (06/05/2009)
Review finds dietary measures may aid in prostate cancer prevention and treatment (06/09/2009)
Review affirms multiple benefits for resveratrol (06/12/2009)
D is for dieting (06/16/2009)
Green tea extract reduces PSA and other biomarkers in prostate cancer patients (06/19/2009)
Reduced vitamin E levels linked with poorer quality of life in older individuals (06/23/2009)
Aging "no longer an unsolved problem" (06/26/2009)
Higher vitamin C levels associated with improved vascular function in type 1 diabetes (06/30/2009)
July 2009
Vitamin D insufficiency is a global issue (07/03/2009)
Vitamin C protects against tumors in rodent model of breast cancer (07/07/2009)
Twenty year study finds calorie restriction works in primates (07/10/2009)
DHA supplementation improves memory in older individuals (07/14/2009)
Bioflavonoid prevents metabolic syndrome and obesity in mice (07/17/2009)
Carnosine combats cataracts (07/21/2009)
Vitamin C and E supplementation associated with reduced five year mortality (07/24/2009)
JAMA articles report the effects of positive behaviors on the heart (07/28/2009)
Reduced omega-3 and elevated trans-fatty acid levels predict nonfatal heart attack better than established risk factors (07/31/2009)
August 2009
Resveratrol's anti-inflammatory mechanism defined (08/04/2009)
Review confirms omega-3 benefits (08/07/2009)
Studies associate Mediterranean diet with lower risk of Alzheimer's disease, cognitive decline (08/11/2009)
DHEA helps protect against the effects of stress (08/14/2009)
Higher vitamin B6 levels correlated with lower heart attack risk in women (08/18/2009)
Regular intake of polyphenols elevates brain levels (08/21/2009)
Vitamin C levels up, but low income groups and smokers still at risk of deficiency (08/25/2009)
Adequate zinc intake protects DNA (08/28/2009)
Reduced omega-3 and elevated trans-fatty acid levels predict nonfatal heart attack better than established risk factors (07/31/2009)
September 2009
Chlorophyllin-chemo cocktail proposed (09/04/2009)
Vitamin C deficiency linked to metabolic syndrome components in young adults (09/08/2009)
Folic acid supplementation improves blood flow in peripheral arterial disease (09/11/2009)
Few Americans at low risk of cardiovascular disease (09/18/2009)
How vitamin C protects the skin (09/22/2009)
Vitamin K study supports triage hypothesis of degenerative disease (09/25/2009)
Reduced premenopausal vitamin D levels predict hypertension later in life (09/29/2009)
October 2009
Tea catechins promote fat loss in overweight (10/02/2009)
Higher vitamin D levels associated with increased survival among older women over a 6 year period (10/06/2009)
High folate intake associated with lower incidence of hearing loss in men (10/09/2009)
Low protein diet improves mitochondrial function (10/13/2009)
The September phenomenon (10/16/2009)
Older green tea drinkers less depressed (10/20/2009)
Protective effect found for ginkgo against radiation damage (10/23/2009)
Premature death risk factor analysis points to inflammation (10/27/2009)
Long-term high dose vitamin D well tolerated (10/30/2009)
November 2009
Antioxidants could offer protection to the lungs during flu season (11/03/2009)
Vitamin E beats drug treatment for NASH (11/06/2009)
Green tea may help protect against oral cancer (11/10/2009)
Elevated homocysteine associated with doubling of women's Alzheimer's disease risk (11/13/2009)
Heart disease, stroke, heart failure, and premature death all linked to insufficient vitamin D levels (11/17/2009)
Vitamin treatment improves ED in men with elevated homocysteine (11/20/2009)
New factor for vitamin A deficiency discovered (11/24/2009)
Soy shows promise for colon cancer prevention (11/27/2009)
December 2009
Long-term exercise positively impacts cellular aging (12/01/2009)
Omega-3 fatty acids boost glucosamine's arthritis benefit (12/04/2009)
Mayo Clinic finds higher vitamin D levels associated with improved lymphoma survival (12/08/2009)
Less advanced and lethal prostate cancers in male coffee drinkers (12/11/2009)
Curcumin and bioperine target breast cancer stem cells (12/15/2009)
Milk thistle shows protective effect against chemo-induced liver inflammation (12/18/2009)
EPA and DHA needed for optimal nervous system function (12/22/2009)