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January 2010
Pomegranate inhibits hormone-dependent breast cancer cell growth (01/08/2010)
Cell phone radiation protects against and reverses Alzheimer’s disease in animal model (01/12/2010)
Higher omega-3 fatty acid levels correlated with reduced telomere shortening rate (01/22/2010)
Calcium and vitamin D supplementation reduces fracture risk regardless of age, gender (01/26/2010)
Blueberry juice enhances memory in older adults (01/29/2010)
Higher vitamin E levels in smokers linked with reduced pancreatic cancer risk (01/30/2009)
February 2010
Vitamin D supplements may protect against Crohn's disease (02/2/2010)
Green tea compound reduces fibroid growth in laboratory studies (02/5/2010)
Mediterranean diet may be brain-protective (02/12/2010)
Coenzyme Q10 levels reduced in chronic fatigue syndrome (02/16/2010)
Multinutrient supplement reduces age-related decline in activity level in mice (02/19/2010)
Green tea could help combat diseases of the eye (02/23/2010)
Low dose vitamin D inadequate to improve neuromuscular function (02/26/2010)
March 2010
Multi-nutrient supplementation reduces body fat and lipids in obese women (03/02/2010)
DHA destroys neuroblastoma cells (03/05/2010)
Soluble fiber improves immune function (03/09/2010)
Increased calcium intake associated with lower mortality from all causes over 10 year period (03/12/2010)
Studies support association of higher vitamin D levels with disease risk reduction (03/16/2010)
Clinical trial finds EPA's effectiveness approaches that of COX-2 inhibitor in colorectal polyp prevention (03/19/2010)
Avoidance of four factors = four more years (03/23/2010)
Higher levels of DHA correlate with improved cognitive function in middle aged men and women (03/26/2010)
Magnesium supplementation improves asthma control (03/30/2010)
April 2010
Eating more chocolate associated with fewer cardiovascular events (04/02/2010)
Reduced vitamin K intake associated with greater cancer mortality (04/06/2010)
Intentional weight loss helps, not harms, seniors (04/09/2010)
Lower rheumatoid arthritis rates linked to vitamin D (04/13/2010)
Dietary supplement use associated with lower risk of cervical dysplasia in HPV-positive women (04/16/2010)
Vitamin, calcium supplementation associated with reduced breast cancer risk (04/23/2010)
Mayo study links increased vitamin K intake to lower non-Hodgkin lymphoma risk (04/27/2010)
Vitamin D status associated with physical function in older men and women (04/30/2010)
May 2010
Supplementation with glucosamine and chondroitin associated with lower mortality over a 5 year period (05/04/2010)
Broccoli compound targets breast cancer stem cells (05/07/2010)
Greater vitamin K intake associated with lower diabetes risk (05/11/2010)
Vinpocetine shows promise for chronic inflammation (05/14/2010)
Long-term vitamin E supplementation associated with reduced COPD risk (05/18/2010)
Abnormal kidney disease markers associated with increased mortality risk over 8 year average period (05/21/2010)
Resveratrol boosts brain blood flow in humans (05/25/2010)
Research suggests supplements may work better if started before old age (05/28/2010)
June 2010
Short periods of exercise protect telomeres from stress (06/01/2010)
Zinc supplementation reduces inflammation and oxidative stress (06/04/2010)
Increased intake of vitamins B6 and B12 from food and supplements linked to less depression (06/08/2010)
Green tea compound shows promise in chronic lymphocytic leukemia (06/11/2010)
The right diet could lower the risk of Alzheimer’s disease (06/15/2010)
Greater omega-3 fatty acid intake associated with delayed age-related hearing loss (06/18/2010)
Insufficient calcium may link hypertension, osteoporosis (06/22/2010)
Resveratrol supplementation reduces weight gain in primate (06/25/2010)
High antioxidant diet improves insulin sensitivity in obese men and women (06/29/2010)
July 2010
New research contributes to the understanding of how I3C blocks cancer cells (07/02/2010)
Meta-analysis confirms blood pressure lowering benefit for dark chocolate (07/06/2010)
Long-term antioxidant supplementation improves arterial health (07/09/2010)
Reduced vitamin D levels linked to cognitive decline (07/13/2010)
Low vitamin D levels can predict Parkinson's disease (07/16/2010)
Late onset calorie restriction reduces cellular senescence, protects telomeres (07/20/2010)
Expert panel advocates immediate action plan to avert aging tsunami (07/23/2010)
Blueberries protect against cardiovascular disease risk factors in metabolic syndrome patients (07/27/2010)
Greater fiber intake associated with reduced heart disease mortality in men and women (07/30/2010)
August 2010
Resveratrol suppresses inflammation in human trial (08/03/2010)
Calorie restriction, exercise rejuvenate nerve connections (08/06/2010)
Calcium supplementation linked with decreased trunk fat gain in postmenopausal women (08/10/2010)
Policy changes needed to improve vitamin D status (08/13/2010)
Vitamin C improves hospitalized patients' mood (08/17/2010)
Does the average American diet provide adequate nutrition? (08/20/2010)
Berries protect the brain in several ways (08/24/2010)
Resveratrol improves endothelial function in overweight men and women (08/27/2010)
Higher selenium levels associated with reduced bladder cancer risk (08/31/2010)
September 2010
Clinical trial demonstrates antidepressant effect for SAMe (09/03/2010)
Mechanism found for omega-3 fatty acids in insulin resistance and inflammation (09/07/2010)
Vitamin B6 supplementation lowers inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis patients (09/10/2010)
B vitamin supplements slow brain atrophy in cognitively impaired patients (09/14/2010)
Higher serum selenium levels linked with lower prostate cancer risk (09/24/2010)
Vitamin D may help protect against endometrial cancer in obese women (09/28/2010)
October 2010
Higher blood and dietary antioxidant nutrient levels predict reduced mortality risk over 13 year average (10/01/2010)
Branched-chain amino acids extend life span in animal model (10/05/2010)
Multivitamin use associated with lower heart attack risk in women (10/08/2010)
Correct vitamin D deficiency before surgery, orthopedist recommends (10/12/2010)
Night light could equal weight gain (10/15/2010)
Luteolin may help prevent memory loss (10/19/2010)
Gamma-tocotrienol inhibits prostate cancer stem cells (10/22/2010)
Reduced testosterone levels in men linked to increased mortality over 7 year period (10/26/2010)
Greater omega-3 fatty acid intake linked with lower risk of periodontitis (10/29/2010)
November 2010
Higher vitamin D levels associated with lower risk of bladder cancer (11/02/2010)
Greater flavonoid intake linked with lower cancer risk (11/05/2010)
Leukemia patients with insufficient vitamin D levels face earlier mortality risk (11/09/2010)
DHA improves stroke recovery (11/12/2010)
Isoflavone-derived drug inhibits prostate tumor metastasis (11/16/2010)
New studies concur that cardiovascular disease is primarily the result of lifestyle (11/19/2010)
Vitamin C could improve sepsis outcome (11/23/2010)
Longer life associated with higher alpha-carotene levels (11/26/2010)
Higher magnesium levels linked with lower risk of sudden cardiac death (11/30/2010)
December 2010
Greater omega-3 fatty acid intake associated with protection against advanced age-related macular degeneration (12/03/2010)
Calcium, vitamin C supplements may help protect against diabetes (12/07/2010)
Low dose aspirin could help protect against death from cancer (12/10/2010)
Pomegranate may help prevent prostate cancer metastasis (12/14/2010)
Hot flashes reduced by folic acid (12/17/2010)
Garlic could help reduce osteoarthritis of the hip (12/21/2010)
Greater branched-chain amino acid intake associated with lower likeliness of being overweight (12/24/2010)