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2011 Update Archive

January 2011
Vitamin D deficiency linked to autoimmune lung (01/04/2011)
Study suggests timing is important in cancer chemoprevention (01/07/2011)
Digestion strengthens green tea benefits (01/11/2011)
A truly healthy glow (01/14/2011)
Greater zinc intake associated with a lower risk of death from prostate cancer (01/18/2011)
Beneficial fatty acids help relieve PMS symptoms (01/21/2011)
Study associates vitamin E supplementation with increased life span among specific groups (01/25/2011)
More Americans are using supplements (01/28/2011)
February 2011
Vitamin D deficiency impairs lung development (02/01/2011)
Free radicals implicated in common eye disease (02/04/2011)
Higher vitamin D levels equal lower risk of multiple sclerosis (02/08/2011)
Lifestyle beats genes in longevity race (02/11/2011)
Consuming more flavonoid-rich foods could offer protection against Parkinson's (02/15/2011)
More fiber intake associated with lower risk of death over nine year period (02/18/2011)
Review concludes effectiveness for zinc supplements against common cold (02/22/2011)
Researchers recommend greater intake of vitamin D to lower the risk of serious diseases (02/25/2011)
March 2011
Few meet the definition of optimal heart health (03/1/2011)
More vitamin D could help prevent lung cancer recurrence (03/4/2011)
Apple polyphenols extend life span in fruit fly experiment (03/8/2011)
Study finds coffee drinkers have fewer strokes (03/11/2011)
Dietary supplement use common among specialists (03/15/2011)
Vitamin D insufficiency could play a role in the development of Parkinson's disease (03/18/2011)
Long-term vitamin E supplementation associated with reduced risk of ALS (03/22/2011)
Shorter telomeres linked with increased mortality risk over six year period (03/25/2011)
Antioxidants may protect the body from CT radiation (03/29/2011)
April 2011
Omega-3 fatty acids protect against the development of obesity-related disease (04/1/2011)
Greater levels of some antioxidants associated with lower risk of metabolic syndrome (04/5/2011)
Reduced vitamin D levels linked to arterial stiffness (04/8/2011)
Blueberries inhibit fat cell formation (04/12/2011)
Higher vitamin D levels associated with reduced risk of macular degeneration among women (04/15/2011)
Marker of inflammation associated with memory decline (04/19/2011)
Reduced coenzyme Q10 levels associated with increased breast cancer risk (04/22/2011)
Coenzyme Q10 supplementation improves endothelial function in ischemic left ventricular systolic dysfunction (04/26/2011)
Reduced vitamin D levels could help explain high blood pressure in African Americans (04/29/2011)
May 2011
Study reveals that many Americans are not getting enough calcium (05/3/2011)
Review recommends bone-building nutrients before drugs (05/6/2011)
Green tea polyphenols protect and benefit skin (05/10/2011)
Apigenin may help protect against synthetic hormone replacement risk (05/13/2011)
Vitamin D supplementation improves COPD rehab outcome (05/20/2011)
Curcumin compound boosts head and neck cancer therapy (05/24/2011)
Epicatechin extends life span in fruit flies and diabetic mice (05/27/2011)
June 2011
How deficiencies of selenium and other micronutrients can increase the risk of age-related disease (06/3/2011)
Tea mechanism in preventing autoimmune disease uncovered (06/7/2011)
Higher vitamin D levels improve osteoporosis drug response (06/10/2011)
Broccoli compound goes after cancer cells (06/14/2011)
Olive oil use linked with lower risk of stroke (06/17/2011)
Micronutrient supplementation associated with decreased mortality among the critically ill (06/21/2011)
Resveratrol shows promise as human antiaging compound (06/28/2011)
July 2011
Soluble fiber helps bust belly fat (07/1/2011)
Flavonoid prevents diabetic complications (07/5/2011)
Review finds improved survival in clinical trials of vitamin D3 supplementation (07/8/2011)
Studies show how tocotrienols reduce stroke damage (07/12/2011)
Vitamin D insufficiency associated with football injuries (07/15/2011)
Omega-3 supplementation soothes anxiety, inflammation (07/19/2011)
Protein supplementation lowers blood pressure (07/22/2011)
Omega-3 fatty acid supplementation associated with decreased cognitive decline in older men and women (07/26/2011)
Meta-analysis affirms efficacy for zinc lozenges in common cold (07/29/2011)
August 2011
Antioxidants show potential for infertility, ED (08/5/2011)
Garlic and grape seed supplementation associated with fewer blood cancers (08/9/2011)
Meta-analysis adds evidence to association of omega-3 supplementation with homocysteine reduction (08/12/2011)
Green tea intake shows protective effect against flu (08/16/2011)
CoQ10 levels reduced in septic shock (08/19/2011)
Omega-3 users are different (08/23/2011)
Saffron prevents liver cancer in animal model (08/26/2011)
Omega-3 fatty acid protects brain from severe stroke damage (08/30/2011)
September 2011
Review finds effectiveness for non-drug therapies in hypertension (09/2/2011)
Chondroitin sulfate improves hand arthritis in clinical trial (09/6/2011)
Meta-analysis affirms protective effect for magnesium against diabetes (09/9/2011)
Doubling vitamin D level could add two years to life expectancy (09/13/2011)
Curcumin shows promise in reducing head and neck tumor growth (09/16/2011)
Higher lignan levels improve breast cancer survival (09/20/2011)
Government-sponsored study reveals current vitamin D recommendations are inadequate (09/23/2011)
Poor vitamin B12 status impacts brain volume and function (09/27/2011)
Fruit and vegetables may target cancer in different parts of the colon (09/30/2011)
October 2011
Lower incidence of hypertension associated with greater omega-3 fatty acid intake (10/4/2011)
Green tea protects against weight gain in mice (10/7/2011)
How resveratrol helps combat breast cancer (10/11/2011)
Melatonin prolongs life in animal model of Huntington's disease (10/14/2011)
Study finds good diet overcomes bad genes (10/18/2011)
Study finds significant potential for omega-3 fatty acids in the prevention and treatment of arthritis (10/25/2011)
Supplementing a low fat diet with fish oil reduces prostate cancer cell growth (10/28/2011)
November 2011
Aspirin use cuts hereditary cancer risk in half (11/1/2011)
Resveratrol mimics calorie restriction's effects on metabolism in clinical trial (11/4/2011)
N-acetylcysteine helps reverse DNA damage associated with aging (11/8/2011)
Long term pomegranate consumption associated with reduction of cardiovascular risk factors in dialysis patients(11/11/2011)
Reduced vitamin C intake among heart failure patients associated with increased mortality over one year (11/15/2011)
Stroke risk declines with greater number of healthy lifestyle factors (11/18/2011)
Meta-analysis associates increased soy intake with lower lung cancer risk (11/22/2011)
Coffee drinking associated with lower risk of endometrial cancer (11/25/2011)
Higher vitamin D levels associated with lower risk of deadly cancer (11/29/2011)
December 2011
Small increase in daily omega-3 results in large reduction in arrhythmia-related events and fatal heart attack risk in diabetic patients (12/2/2011)
High antioxidant diet associated with fewer strokes (12/6/2011)
Reduced childhood vitamin D levels predict diabetes (12/9/2011)
Seaweed fiber improves weight loss in overweight men and women(12/13/2011)
Soy offers hope in treatment-resistant prostate cancer (12/16/2011)
Meta-analysis associates reduced vitamin D levels with greater risk of dying over follow-up periods of up to 27 years (12/20/2011)
New role for vitamin E uncovered (12/23/2011)
Vitamin B12 and folic acid improve memory in two year trial (12/27/2011)