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Life Extension Suggestions

Amino acids (provides raw materials needed to support neurotransmitter synthesis) {Note: not all of these suggested amino acids will be of benefit in every case of anxiety. It is suggested to start at the low end of the dose range and increase or discontinue based upon results}

Cofactors (supports the enzymes involved in hormone and neurotransmitter synthesis and metabolism)

Fatty acids: (supports neuronal membrane health and proper neuronal-communication)

Anti-anxiety herbals

Adaptogenic herbs (help to increase resistance to stress)

  • Ashwagandha; standardized extract: 125 – 250 mg daily
  • Rhodiola; standardized extract: 250 – 500 mg daily

General and hormonal Support

  • Vitamin D: (women and men): 5000 – 8000 IU daily (depending on blood test results)
  • DHEA: (women and men): 15 – 75 mg daily (depending on blood test results)
  • Soy isoflavones: (typically for women only): 50 – 150 mg daily
  • Vitex; standardized extract: 20 mg daily

In addition, the following blood testing resources may be helpful: