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Those with vascular disorders often manifesting as coronary artery disease should consider using a wide range of supplements, hormones and drugs to suppress the multiple risk factors involved in atherosclerosis progression. Healthy individuals should carefully follow blood test results to ascertain which nutrients are more important.

Inhibiting Cholesterol Synthesis
  • Pantethine: 400 – 1200 mg daily
  • Red Yeast Rice: 600 – 1200 mg daily
  • Garlic; standardized extract: 1500 – 3000 mg daily
  • Amla (Indian gooseberry); standardized extract: 500 – 1000 mg daily
  • Statin drug (lowest dose needed to optimize LDL levels (ideally below 80 mg/dL)

Inhibiting Absorption of Dietary Cholesterol

Enhancing Cholesterol Elimination

Inhibiting Oxidation and Glycation of LDL

Optimizing the Lipid Profile

Improving reverse cholesterol transport

In addition, the following blood testing resources may be helpful: